Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Fall...

So After being MIA on the blog for so long I almost don't know how to begin... There are SOOO many things to post about so I've decided to do a little run down of our fall...

1. We closed on our house on September 17th. After the closing Matt Proposed (More on this story later!)

2. We are all moved in... there are some more boxes to unpack in the garage but we are getting there!

3. Emma is going GREAT! She is in Daisies and playing Soccer with the same group of girls as last spring and loving it... Who know though that 1st grade soccer would have so many rules and be competitive.

4. The wedding planning is in full swing and in just under three months I will be Mrs. Park!!! AHHH

5. Work is going well! Was able to help out on a CRAZY trip and in only ten days went to Hawaii, Guam, Singapore, South Korea, Japan & Alaska.

6. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving in Chicago.

So that is a VERY abbreviated version of some things that have been going on in the Fleming/ Park Household! More to come on all!


  1. Congrats on the engagement!

    Secondly, how is it humanly possible to travel to all those places in 10 days?

  2. congrats on everything!!!!!

    how was south korea?? were you in seoul??? wasn't it shockingly huge??