Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Handmade Gifting: Paint Kit

Throw back to when I told you that I was going to make The Christmas gifts for my kiddos... Well I made a "paint kit" for Hunter...

I purchased most of the supplies from IKEA... to include paint, brushes, Colored pencils, chalk, and a smock to keep clean.

Just like with the Play Dough kit...I bought a bin from Ikea and added some vinyl that I cut using my Silhouette Cameo. 

Hunter LOVES it! When Gibson is taking a nap or sitting in his high chair we typically pull out the paint and have creative time!

I roll out a big sheet of craft paper and I just let him do his thing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Simplify 101: March 2015 Goals

I'm really looking forward to March!

This month Gibson will turn one, my sister-in-law and the kiddos will come up for a visit, and HELLO FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! I'm ready for some warmer temps!

Now to the goals for the month ... I'm trying something a little new and wrote them in my new notebook that I purchased from Shutterfly! I LOVE IT and have it with me at all times!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Simplify 101: February 2015 Recap

So here were my goals for the Month of February

And here is how I did....

  • Set goals for the month: Nailed it on the very first day!! See above :-)
  • Get Paperwork organized for Tax time: I started a folder so that we have a dedicated spot to put documents pertaining to our taxes as soon as they come in. I think that I am going to ask Matt to tackle the taxes this weekend because March is going to be craziness for us!
  • De-clutter your medicine Cabinet: Sweet hubby actually did this one for me! Admittedly, after he was pissed that he couldn't find the tips for the ear thermometer! 
  •  De-Clutter and Organize Master Bedroom:  I was so ashamed of the mess that was lurking below our bed... so last night I pulled EVERYTHING out, purged/put things away, and ran our robot under there! So happy with the end result. I also re-organized the space behind the bed and the drawers in our headboard. 
  • Scheduled my Annual Doctor Exam: Done and Done
  • Planning for Summer: I've started this process. We know that Emma will go to Camp Winshape again this year and we are just waiting to determine her Dad's schedule to determine when we might go to Michigan and to enroll her in other local camps.
  • Create Valentines for Hunter and Emma: Full stories Here and Here We still need to make the rest of Emma's hand warmers but I was not able to fix my sewing machine on my own so I might need to take it somewhere... another to-do for the weekend as I need to be able to sew for the boy's room. 
  • Let go of something weighing me down: Didn't do Hunter's Birth Certificate but I DID return Emma's violin from when she played LAST YEAR. Yes... we were renting and YES... I did pay for an additional 8 months after she quit... 
  • Move the Boys into the Same room: I mentioned here that we were going to move the boys into Hunter's current room. So I searched all over Pinterest for inspiration and I settled on a Target headboard for Hunter's twin bed. I'm happy to report that the twin bed is up and I have moved the full bed into Gibson's Old room and the crib into Hunter's. Last night was their very first night together in that room and I'm so excited about the merge. More photos to come earlier next week... We still have a lot to do in the space but they are together...
  • Make a point to spend time with old friends: Success!!!
  • Start a Year of Gratitude: I've successfully made it through my first Month and I love the weekly Monday ritual of sitting down at my desk and just taking a minute to reflect on something that I am grateful for. What a wonderful way to start out my week!

  •  Taking my lunch to work: I maybe took lunch three times this whole freaking month... Big fail
  • Going to the gym or running 4 times: NOPE... there was one really nice day and we went for a family run. But that was it in terms of exercise.
  • Car organization: I have a lot of the BS out of the car and I did take it for one car wash in February but what I really need is an oil change and a good old vacuum
  • Organizing the Linen closet: Didn't get in there to purge items and refold/organize but I'm okay with that... not a huge priority on the old to-do for the month.
  • Make a Bench for the bottom of the bed: So I found the plans that I want to follow... they are printed and I have the paint and fabric... so we are somewhere in the process at least. 
  • Touch-up paint in Master Bedroom: The paint and brushes are out... just need to actually paint. Maybe tonight while watching tv before bed.
Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see my March Goals... I'm already getting started on a few of the items today... it is the first day of March after all!!! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Favorite Things Friday

I love a good boob light update and this one with faceted crystals is super adorable.

I cannot wait to make these DIY wooden instruments with my little guys. I think that they will love them! I also think that these would be a great gift!

As we are approaching Gibson's first year I'm thinking of a creative way to compile some of my favorite Instagram images of the little guy. This canvas is amazing but at $450 too expensive! I'm up for trying to DIY something similar though
I made this Chicken Yakisoba for dinner a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING and easy!! I highly recommend!

How did I just learn that Nate Burkus has a fabric line at JoAnn Fabrics???

I'm interested in making a large subway art sign for the boy's room and this looks like a great tutorial

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gibson at 11 Months

How is it possible that we only have one more month in Gibson's first year????

This Month Gibson...
  • Can pull himself all the way up. Will scoot to the nearest table and immediately goes into a standing position.
  • Will start to take a few steps when holding our fingers
  • Favorite foods are raspberries, avocado, and broccoli... seems to HATE bread (is this my child???)
  • Climbs up the steps and instantly makes a beeline for Emma's room. He cannot get down steps yet so we are always right next to him
  • Will crawl sometimes... mostly he still prefers to scoot.
  • Had a play date with friends  
  • Is now classified as thriving! We are so thankful for this one... for a while it was believed that he might have Williams Syndrome and we feel so blessed that  it no longer looks to be that. Gibson is gaining properly with the extra calories given and the thought is that he just has an extreme metabolism... and we can work with that! We will go to the metabolic specialist in April to find out next steps.
  • Remains a champion sleeper. He is catching Zzzzzs from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • He had a great little photo session in preparation for his first birthday and the photos came out amazing! Here is a sneak peak (I used this photo as a Save the Date for his first Birthday Party)

And a few more photos from the month

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Now I need to have another BABY!

Really Banana Republic!!! My little guy turns 1 in exactly a MONTH and NOW is the time that you come out with a baby line that only goes up to 12 MONTHS!!!

They just introduced BR MINI!

The collection really is too cute for words and I am trying to practice some MAJOR self-control at the moment!!! I mean Gibson is still small for his age and could probably get 2-3 more months in 6-12 month clothes.... Something tells me that Matt Park would not approve of the splurge! GRRRR

Fingers crossed that this first line does well and they expand! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Merge: A Place to Lay their Heads

I have been drooling over the blue Jenny Lind bed from land of Nod for years... Always picturing it in a room for our boys but at $599 each I knew that it was never going to happen... Sad face here...

I mean spending $1200 for two bed frames not even counting mattresses and bedding... dude that is over my budget for the whole room!!!

So last week, on a whim, I decided to look at Target! BAM! They had a Teal Jenny Lind headboard!

With the current promotion and my Target Card discount it would come out to $280 for TWO!!! And FREE shipping! Even though Hunter will be the only one in a twin bed for now I want to go ahead and buy two so that we will have the exact match for Gibson once he is older.

With this option we would still need to purchase the metal twin frame to screw into the headboard and it doesn't come with a baseboard... which I'm okay with...

I also like that this goes with the fabrics that we currently have in that room..

I'm not looking to make too much of a change all at once!

I need to purchase some more of the diamond fabric (for a bed skirt) and I want to find a simple Ivory duvet with a Green blanket to fold over the bottom of the bed.  I think it would pull everything together nicely!

Gibson will stay in the round crib but the bedding will be switched back to Hunter's fabric. Here is a look back on what that looks like...

The headboards came in yesterday and now I need to get the twin mattress, frame and bedding.