Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Le Tote

I have a new obsession LeTote!!!! It is amazing and the concept is really interesting. you RENT the clothes/jewelry.

Now at first I was a bit freaked out by the idea but the more I thought about it the more intrigued I became...

Step one... Sign up, take an online style quiz and browse the on-line "closet" and heart the items you like. This gives a stylist a better idea of what you like.

Step Two... They send you a box of 5 items and you wear what you like and if you want to keep something you can buy it at a discount

Step Three... Once you are done with your box you return the items and they send you ANOTHER box with 5 more items! They will send an unlimited number of boxes in a month for the flat monthly fee for $49.

Again I was hesitant at first but when I received an email for a free month on Black Friday I thought WHY NOT...

Right away I was a fan of their words of encouragement 

The items came in PERFECT condition (they are cleaned professionally between each distribution) and jewelry is sanitized.... I was so excited right away!!! 

Again here is the concept...

and here is what was in that first box...

BCBGeneration-Crosby Crewneck Sweater
Members $58
Retail $78

I LOVED this sweater!!! It looked super cute with the skinny jeans and brown boots that I tried it on with... 
 But I actually wore it to work with a Navy Skirt and the boots... 

KUT from the Kloth-Jamie Top
Members $44
Retail $58

At first I thought I would be excited about this green top but there was an odd seam over the stomach area
I didn't even wear this one out in public.

French Connection-Beta Scales Sweater
Members $88
Retail $118
This sweater isn't typically my style but I ended up LOVING IT!!! I wore it to work with a black skirt and the jewelry that came in the box. Here is was with jeans though

Adia K-Clover Strand Necklace
Members $28
Retail $34
Adia K-Donatella Bracelet
Members $28
Retail $34
I just sent back that first box and cannot wait to see what else comes my way! I will share another post at the end of the month to fill you in on how many boxes came my way in the month and my review on if I think that it is a good value... So far I have nothing bad to say about LeTote!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dare to Give Handmade: Bread & Butter

Today is part three of the Dare to DIY series and I LOVE the theme of this week! 
Dare to Give Handmade!
I think that giving a gift that is handmade is something that really sticks with people these days and today I'm going to share my go-to hostess gift. It is SOOO easy!

BAM! See that... Yes it is bread & butter... "Gourmet" handmade flavored butter, to be exact!

Whipped Honey Butter, Whipped Berry Butter, & Whipped Garlic Butter! YUMMY. To make the butter I used my mini food processor to mix:

- HONEY BUTTER: 1 Stick of butter at room temperature & 2T Lavender Honey
- BERRY BUTTER: 1 Stick of butter at room temperature & 1 container of raspberries
- GARLIC BUTTER: 1 stick of butter at room temperature & 5 cloves garlic, minced

I also included a loaf of (fresh) french bread that I cut in half and wrapped with butcher paper, bakers twine and added an ornament.

All of the items are placed in a basket that I purchased from homegoods!

To me it is the perfect gift!!! You get to eat the yummy butter and bread (P.S. - the berry butter on the pancakes is AMAZING!!!) You get an ornament to hang on your tree & a basket to use for those organization projects which are sure to be a part of your New Year's Resolutions!

SOOO easy!

Be sure to see what the organizers of this fun Dare to DIY challange made...

Katja at Shift Ctrl Art
Michelle at Decor and the Dog.
Rachel at Maybe Matilda.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Team Carter!!!

It is no surprise that I am 100% Team Carter and I am so excited that he was officially named as the nominee for Secretary of Defense!
There is no one better for the job or more equipped to tackle the defense issues for our country! A year ago from yesterday I was crying sad tears as he was leaving the building on his last day as the Deputy Secretary and today there are only tears of joy! Congratulations to the entire Carter Family!

**DOD photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo! She is AMAZING and a new mama! Congratulation to you too girl!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Beyond Thankful!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was great spending the day with my little family and my parents came over for dinner... It as all very low key but of course that didn't stop me from spending the whole day in the kitchen!

We decided to have Pheasant as our bird in place of the traditional turkey. My Dad recently went Pheasant hunting in South Dakota so it was nice to eat a few of his birds. Plus with so few people to feed and a big old Ham we didn't need a large turkey!

Here was our menu...
This was also the perfect time to pull out some of the chafing dishes that my sweet hubby got me for our last anniversary. 
Let's just say that when he commits to buying something that he tends to go big... We only used 1/4 of the chafing dishes yesterday... Because OF COURSE everyone should have 15 Chafing dishes... That is a whole other post though....

Here are a few things that filled those dishes...

I'm going to do a full post on the Carrot Soup and Brussel Sprouts with Bacon later in the week.. YUMMY!!!

Now to the serious stuff... I'm most Thankful for the fact that we were not in the hospital for this Thanksgiving! 

This little guy had everyone worried for the last few weeks with a dip in weight and NO gaining for 3 months. He was down to the 1st Percentile... Doctors were throwing out threats of hospitalization and G-Tubes (a feeding tube that is surgically placed in the stomach). We were given one week to get him up in weight... with some force feeding and a MASSIVE amounts of calories he was able to gain and we were able to keep him home. I'll do a full post on Monday for his 8th Month but I just wanted to stress what a THANKFUL family we were yesterday...

P.s. - Gibson LOVED Thanksgiving!!! He was a mess after the meal!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dare to be: THANKFUL

Today is the first part of the Dare to DIY series and to be honest I almost didn't make this post. At about 4 p.m. I had that Oh Sh*t moment and I remembered that I needed to do something.

I took some inspiration from this Pinterest Photo and decided to create a "Tree of Thanks" in Emma's room.

The branches are things that we are thankful for! 

 I love the result and it is a great daily reminder to Emma, and all of us, that we have so much to be thankful for!

Be sure to also check out what the hosts of the Dare to DIY series did for their projects

Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Love all of these packing tips. Shower caps on shoes! GREAT idea!

Love this easy tutorial for making blackout curtains. P.S- You should totally be reading this blog... it is a fav!
Time to be honest... I'm a little anti the large Thanksgiving dinner this year. We just have a lot going on and I really feel like my priority is not to make a huge meal and we aren't having company besides my parents... BUT if I were to be a big event with others over I would love to send friends and family home with leftovers and these Thanksgiving Leftover Printables are SUPER cute!
Another blogger shared the Pop Sugar Box that she received this month and it looks AWESOME!
We are having our neighbors over for dinner tonight and I would like to get my act together enough to have these little Chalk Placecards... Might be breaking out the hot glue gun while I'm supervising STEM Club at Emma's school this afternoon.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifted Thursday #5- Homework Station

I'm back with another Thrifted Thursday!

A few months ago I shared that I created a homework station for Emma and I'm excited to share all of the fun details!

I purchased a SUPER ugly green wooden tray from UNIQUE Thrift Store in Falls Church.
The cost was only $2.99... so a steal for such a solid piece.

Decided to give it three coats with my favorite gray spray paint (RUST-OLEUM Dark Gray)

I'm in love with the result

I also added a few key homework essentials to the tray...

  • Pencils in a mint julep cup (Also bought this cup for 1.99 at Salvation Army)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Markers in a glass vase (left over from my wedding)
  • Colored pencils
  • Notebook
  • Extra folders
In the notebook...

 I added calendars to keep track of all assignments and test days.

I also purchased a small box from homegoods for $5.99

It is the perfect size for...
  • Scissors
  • Large eraser
  • Calculator
  • glue stick 

 We love having everything in one place! It makes homework time go so much smoother!