Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Big Boy Toddler Bed

As I reported yesterday Hunter Man now sleeps in his Bog Boy Toddler Bed for both nap time and bed time!!!!!!!!

About two-three months ago I purchased a white delta toddler bed on CraigsList for only $20
I had previously decided that it didn't matter what finish the bed came in because I was going to give it a nice coat of spray paint regardless. I wanted for the bed to really match the other items already in Hunter's room and I wanted for it to be something just for him. So... when I found the above bed at a great price and already assembled I took the leap and made the purchase.

When I cam home with the bed Matt looked at me like I was crazy because he knew (and I did too) that Hunter was not yet ready to leave his crib... but see I had a method to my madness... I wanted to get that bed into his room BEFORE Gibson arrived so it didn't seem like we were changing too many things on our first little guy all at once.

So it received a NUMBER of coats of spray paint (two cans worth) and it was placed in Hunter's room...

I bedding was purchased from IKEA... The duvet was for a twin bed (only $19.99) and I cut and sewed it so that it would fit perfectly on the smaller bed.
We started right away talking about a Big Boy bed and we would read books there each night or lay there while we would sing to Hunter in the dark before placing him in his crib for the night. After a few weeks we even tried to  place him in the toddler bed for nap time... IT WAS A HUGE FAILURE! He immediately got up and screamed by the door for 30 minutes. We would always end up having to go into his room to calm him down and he would be placed into his crib...

Hunter also started placing his toys into his crib before bed each night and I feared that he was just too attached to the crib and that he was not going to be in the toddler bed by the time we would need to move Gibson down to his room...

In fact, Gibson arrived and in the hospital I brought up the fact that we might need to just go ahead and get a crib for his room because I didn't see Hunter sleeping in a toddler bed ANY TIME SOON... and that was two weeks ago...

The day that we brought Gibson home everything changed... When Matt was putting Hunter to bed that night he did his song in the dark laying in the toddler bed like usual but at the end Hunter stayed laying perfectly still and content. That first night and for about a week after Hunter would be on the bed for about the first hour and would eventually fall off. We would check the monitor every time we would wake-up for a feeding with Gibson and Matt would go down and pick Hunter back up and place him on the bed.

Now he stays up on his bed without falling out and he will sleep there all night and stays in bed for nap time! I cannot believe how suddenly everything just clicked. Every morning we give him praise for sleeping in his Big Boy Bed and we now talk about how Gibson will sleep in the crib soon!

He is what Hunter's bedroom is looking like now!


and here is Hunter Man enjoying his bed! 

So happy that our BIG BOY loves his new bed!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hunter at 19 Months

On Saturday Hunter man turned 19 Months! 

Hunter continues to test us on a daily basis with tantrums one second and laughing and playing the next.

This Month Hunter:
  • Became a big brother and while he was a little rough with the baby at first... we are now super sweet. Each morning we give Gibson hugs and kisses. Hunter also loves that Gibson lays in his crib while HUnter gets dressed for the day or any time Hunter Man needs a diaper change. 
  • We talk a lot about how Gibson will soon sleep in Hunter's crib
  • HUNTER SLEEPS IN A TODDLER BED!!!! I am sooo excited to report that Hunter now exclusively sleeps in his Big Boy toddler bed. The crib will be moving out this week! 
  • We have a HUGE love for Elmo 
  • Our favorite foods are waffles and Blackberries. In the morning the first thing I say when I see mommy or daddy is "waff"
  • We are still working on the whole potty training thing. This month he has started to understand what poopoo is and I think that we are getting really close. He has also become a lot more vocal so I think now we are getting to the stage where he will be able to tell us that he needs to go potty instead of us guessing. 
  • Still a super big helper with throwing things away and putting his laundry in the hamper. We can now also put our books away and we are working on cleaning up toys. 
  • Does not like to eat dinner. 
  • Adores his big sister Emma
  • Loves to jump on the bed and likes tickle and pillow fights! 
  • Enjoys opening and closing doors
  • HATES any sandwich except Grilled Cheese. 
Here are a few photos!

And some photos that you have already seen if we are facebook friends...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Gibson at 2 Weeks

On Tuesday our little Gibson was 2 weeks old and as of Monday weighing in at 8lbs 11ozs. So happy that we are back up to our birth weight.

Things are going well and Gibson has been a very active boy with visits to Emma's school, soccer games, a bridal shower, the mall, and multiple trips to the grocery store. This is really the easiest time to  just pack this little man up and go.

Emma is still in total love with Gibson (even when he cries) and the second she gets home from school she rushes to wash her hands so that she can hold him.

Hunter is starting to get use to the new addition as well. In the morning when Gibson gets up Hunter will run up to him and give him a hug and kiss hello and at night he tells him "byebye" before bed. Outside of that he really only shows interest when I feed Gibson. During that time he likes to sit beside me to cuddle or he wants to suddenly jump on the bed...

Matt has also been super helpful! He had a week and a half off from work and started back yesterday. We will miss having him around during the day. At nights if Gibson isn't sleeping Matt will take him for a few hours after I feed him so that this mommy can get some sleep and in the afternoons he is on Hunter duty so that I can take a nap or shower while Gibson is also asleep.

The last two nights we had our best sleep with three hour stretches down and only 30 minutes in between of awake/feeding time.

Here are some photos from our second week:

Favorite Things Friday

Back with my second edition of Favorite Things Friday!

- Still in love with the beautiful flowers in my house!!!

- I love this simple way to wrap gifts... #goldsharpielove --- p.s. also love the outfit on the page!

- I really need to update our fireplace and this is giving me major motivation!

- I'm really starting to ramp up my event planning business and this little office makes my heart beat fast! Love the stenciled wall and open shelving

- While on maternity leave i cannot wait to make this little matching game for Hunter! I think that it will be a fun way to include photos of loved ones near and far!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Crate and Barrel Outlet LOVE!

In Old Town Alexandria there is an amazing Crate and Barrel Outlet and while I only go there 2-3 times a year I always end up finding too many deals!

They have some great items that you could use for gifts. 

Like these Hoppy glasses... They would be a fun gift with some unique craft beers

and what a great price on these whiskey stones! I had previously purchased a few as gifts but at a price of $20 typically. 


I had eyed this little house for candles back around Christmas but didn't purchase due to the $50 price tag... $13.95 is a much better price. The gold/silver hurricanes were also a GREAT price.


They had six of these AWESOME bar carts! I really wish that I had a need for this item!!! I love the details on the front and really like how it opens up. 

Here is it half opened! 

AND The price! Originally #1,499 it was only $647 when I visited the store... Price gets dropped each week!


Also, this painting caught my eye.. Maybe I could talk Matt into it for our living room. It doesn't really fit into our decorating scheme but I really like it for some reason... it was $99

Weekend Re-Cap

We had a busy weekend in the Park household...

On Saturday Gibson and I attended a beautiful bridal shower for an old co-worker, Lauren, in Old Town Alexandria.

Gibson slept the majority of the time and only woke up to eat right at the very end of the brunch.

After the shower I headed over to the Crate and Barrel Outlet! Amazing! I always end up finding some great deals here and I plan to do a post later this afternoon to share some awesome deals that I found there!

I also took a few minutes to pop into Whole Foods to buy some beautiful flowers. With spring in the air I wanted to bring some beauty into our house!


On Saturday we also had Emma's first soccer game of the season. Matt stayed home with Hunter while he was "trying" to take a nap... we are not really getting the whole nap in a toddler bed thing... Soooo Gibson and I went to the game alone. We only stayed for one quarter because it got super cold and windy in the afternoon.

Yesterday,  had a mini breakdown in the morning.. I'm sure due to lack of sleep. Matt was great though and totally took it in stride.

We also had two visitors yesterday... It was great to catch up with two good friends and show off my little clan. Hunter loved doing his stacking tower with Ms. Joy and Ms. Christina. They also brought me some more beautiful flowers!

After they left I had to go pick up Emma, Made a freezer meal for dinner, and gave Hunter man a bath...

Once Hunter was in bed Emma and I watched some TV together and I read my real estate book and took a quiz... Very busy weekend!

Now Matt is back at work...

we will see how my first week alone at home goes. It starts out with a doctor appointment for both Emma and Gibson... Taking three kids to the doctor should be interesting!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

So I've decided to do a weekly "Favorite Things Friday" posting which will round up things that have caught my eye over the last week. These can be DIY projects, Home design, or retail products...

- I'm in love with  these bright yellow vases and I would LOVE to have them on my dining room table this spring!

- So inspired by this little girls' room that was designed by John and Sherri for a design house.... That awesome headboard was a thrift store purchase from only $9.98 that really pops now with a new coat of bright and fun paint.

- With my squirreling  I've been baking a lot of meals in the oven.... This Kate Spade baking dish is super cute. Love that the handles are like big polka dots.

- Instagram marshmallows??? WHAT??? This could be an interesting party favor

- I’m so bad at sending out snail mail. I’m trying to get better at it and I think these stylish notecards with my name on them may be just the thing to get me jotting down notes to friends.

- I want to have a vow renewal ceremony just to send out these beautiful invitations from Mayla Studios!!!