Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bacon, Apple, and Onion Grilled Cheese

Wanted to share some details on the epic grilled cheese that I just made!

I was going to go with a plain old grilled cheese but when I had some extra time on my hands (Kids and Matt wanted to pick some blackberries) I decided to fancy things up a bit!

  • Bread
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Jarlsberg Cheese (my fav.) 
  • Sweet Onion, Sliced 
  • Green Apple, Sliced (ours were fresh picked from the tree)
  • Thick Cut Bacon 
  • Butter, Softened


Cut the bacon in half and fry in a pan.

Drain all but 1 Tablespoon of the bacon fat from the pan and add the onion. Cook on med-high heat for 5 minutes, add apple slices, and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Butter one side of a piece of bread and add to pan (med-high heat). Layer cheddar, bacon, onions and apples.

Add Jarlsberg cheese and top with another piece of bread, buttered on the outside. Flip and cook until browned to your preference.

SOOO yummy!!!

I'd say that this is the perfect lunch!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Park Party of SIX... at week 17!

It has been FOREVER since I have done a blog post and we have had some big changes in the Park household!

Yup, family of six and at this point I'm already 17 Weeks... just a little shy of the half way mark! I cannot believe how fast time has been flying. Probably due to the fact that we have a busy household with three kids already and I've continued to keep busy at work... no let up in the travel department.

Here are a few things about this forth pregnancy:
  • I HATE GUSHERS and other fruit snacks. When I bite into a pack all I can taste are the chemicals and after eating them I have an aftertaste that lasts for hours. This is a crazy development for me because I typically can down an entire box in under 10 minutes... no, that is not an exaggeration and not something that I'm proud of.
  • I always forget how the first trimester really kicks you in the butt! My energy has only increased in the last two weeks. For that first trimester I was going to sleep the second I got the boys down to bed at 7:30... I mean Emma was tucking ME into bed! 
  • I don't have any food aversions but food in general has been making me feel sick until about the last week or so... Cooking dinner was like torture. I was only making things that could be made in about 15 minutes max. 
  • The bump popped out SUPER early (I mean this is number 4) so everyone at work was able to tell before the end of the first trimester. A number of people were betting on twins... nope just one! 
  • Sad to say I have been horrible about documenting things this pregnancy.... no weekly photos and blog posts. 
  • We learned super early on, from a blood test, that we are going to welcome another little man into the family. Apparently that is all the Park men are capable of producing :-) I'm happy about it though! 
  • I think that we are settled on a name... but going to wait to share until we do so with Matt's parents, in person, at the end of the month. 
  • The boys are SUPER excited and ask if the baby can come out now, on a daily basis. In fact Gibson and Hunter called me out at about week 8... Gibson came up to me, touched my belly, and said, "mommy you belly is big." Hunter heard that exchange and looked at me with the biggest smile and exclaimed, "Mommy do you have a BABY in there?"... Well yes I do! Cannot get anything past these boys. 
  • Emma is happy that she is going to remain the only girl for now. Princess of the house!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Favorite Things Frday: La Paperie Love

It has been a LONG time since I've managed to sit down and do a blog post... but I have today off from work so I decided to dive back in and share one of my favorite places for Favorite Things Friday!

Every time I visit Savannah Georgia I am guaranteed to make one stop... into my favorite stationary shop La Paperie!

Last visit the below items caught my eye and I smile every time I look at these paper products!

A new Russell+hazel mini binder 

Rifle Paper Co. Greeting Cards and note pad. Sugar Paper gift Tags 

Love them all. If you are ever in Savannah I highly recommend stopping by this shop!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Meal Plan: Cooking Light: Annual Recipes 2016

This week I'm going to Cook from Cooking Light: Annual Recipes 2016. The MAY theme couldn't fit my life needs more... 25 mains in 25 minutes or less!!!

MONDAY (I'm out of town)
  • Sausage, Cannellini, and Tomato Ragout (p.138)
TUESDAY (I'm out of town)
  • Green Curry Stew with Potatoes and Cauliflower (p.141)
  • LOBSTER that I will be bringing home, fresh, from Rhode Island!
  • Peking Turkey Wraps (p.132)
  • Sriracha Shrimp Rolls (p.122)
  • LUNCH: Avocado-Egg Salad Sandwiches with Pickled Celery (p.130)
    • Palomo Frio (DRINK) (p.123)
    • Cheesy Masa Pancakes with Pico de Gallo (p.124)
    • Mango Guacamole (p.24)
    • Esquites (Creamy Corn Salad) (p.125)
    • Pineapple Chicken Kababs with Cilantro-Lime Slaw (p.112)
    • Grilled Flank Steak with Chipotle- Orange Mojo (p.125)
    • Soft-Serve Mango-Banana Sorbet (p.124)
    • Kids: Marshmallow Popcorn Treats with Dark Chocolate Drizzle (p.133)

  • Leftovers so that I can do meal prep all day for next week when I am out of town! 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cooking Recap: The Quick Six Fix and Blue Apron

ALMOST completely stuck to the meal plan this week... with the exception of take out TWICE. Ugh. I worked late one day and Emma had to be somewhere, already fed, at 6 :15 one day so I took the easy way out.

  • BREAKFAST: Open-Faced Tortilla Breakfast (p.9) 
  • DINNER: Bow Tie Pasta with Mushy Peas, Pork Sausage, and Ricotta (p.79) - not a fan of this one. Felt like breakfast sausage didn't give the dish the right flavor... Next time I would use a sweet or spicy Italian Sausage. 

  • Chowdered Scallops (p.92) - really good! I ended up adding more cream ;-) The only thing that I would have done differently was a better sear on the scallops.  

  • Seared Salmon and Lemon Aoli with Red Potatoes, Asparagus and Collard Green Hash (Blue Apron)


  • Seared Pork Chops with Two-Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach (Blue Apron)

FRIDAY: Five Guys 

SATURDAY (Had friends over for dinner)
  • Asian Burger (p.153) 
  • Crispy Fingerling Fries (p.166) - Used regular potatoes that we already had on hand to save some money 
  • Easy Blender Aoli (p.167) - Easy and I will add some herbs next time 
  • Mexican Street Corn (p.188) -- SOOOO AMAZING That I'm going to make this again next weekend! 
  • BBQ Baked Beans (p.194) - Really good and easy 
  • Raspberry Custard Pots (p.203) - Yummy but needed to cook for a bit longer 

I will cook the Almond Fig Roasted Chicken (p.118)  for dinner tonight since I didn't get to it during the week and I have all of the ingredients. 

I was also really good about my snack prep for work this week! Fruit for the morning, PB and Banana Toast for the afternoon, and veggies to eat in the car on the way home! #WINNING

The Quick Six Fix Cookbook has quickly become a favorite! 

And on Blue Apron... I'm not blown away the same way that I was with Plated. I'm going to cancel the subscription. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Meal Planning: The Quick Six Fix and Blue Apron

I'm actually hone ALL week and in terms of cooking this week I'm going to switch it up a bit...

After hearing so many positive things I'm going to give Blue Apron a try this week. We have two meals coming today... I'm interested to see the quality and ease of the meals but initially I have to say I'm not yet impressed. We have been a Plated family in the past and one of the things that I like most is the variety of meals that you can pick from and so far with Blue Apron I dislike that you can only pick between four dishes.

Outside of the two days that I will be using Blue Apron I'm going to be cooking from The Quick Six Fix again.

Here is the plan for the week:

  • BREAKFAST: Open-Faced Tortilla Breakfast (p.9) 
  • DINNER: Tagliatelle with Mushy Peas, Pork Sausage, and Ricotta (p.79) 
  • Chowdered Scallops (p.92) 
  • BREAKFAST: Lemon-Chili Avocado Toast (p.10) 
  • DINNER: Seared Salmon and Lemon Aoli with Red Potatoes, Asparagus and Collard Green Hash (Blue Apron)
  • DINNER: Seared Pork Chops with Two-Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach (Blue Apron)
  • Almond Fig Roasted Chicken (p.118)  
  • Sweet Potato & Broccoli  
  • Asian Burger (p.153) 
  • Crispy Fingerling Fries (p.166) 
  • BREAKFAST: Goat Cheese Scramble (p.18) 
  • DINNER -- We are having friends over for a cook out 
    • Sticky Ribs (p.138) 
    • Mexican Street Corn (p.188) 
    • BBQ Baked Beans (p.194) 
    • Raspberry Custard Pots (p.203) 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mother's Day Recap 2016

Last week we celebrated Mother's Day and I wanted to share a few of the details from my day...

It included LOTS of snuggles with the kiddos! They were the cutest bringing me little "presents" all day, like legos and trains, and they would scream, "Happy Balentine Day." A+++ for effort and heart Park Boys! They knew that it was a special day but couldn't remember Mother's Day. 

We, of course, also had my mom over and ate crabs! (Next week I will share the gift that I made for her)
On Mother's Day the boys and I planted the flowers in the planter on the table above.

On top of the crabs I also made some other yummy dishes.


AND... we cannot have crabs without this lady at my house.... so much fun!