Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May re-Cap

I shared some goals for the month of May earlier last month and I'm happy with the progress that I made!

No chinese food or pizza all month! - Didn't do that great with this goal.. had some pizza from Trader Joe's and Chinese food twice. Considering that I was eating Chinese at least one a week before last month I'm just happy that I cut down...

Join the Pentagon gym- CHECK! I joined the gym and am looking forward to regular workouts. Even ran with my new stroller a few times.

Plant a small garden in the backyard. CHECK! Not only did I clean up and plant a few things in the back yard but I also took on the front yard!


Almost After haha... Need to get more mulch... 

Clean up the porch area and finish the sunburst mirror for the patio
- CHECK! Cannot wait to share a full post! I cleaned off the screened in porch, got a new rug and finished the mirror. I just need to get it hung! Could be hard though... this thing is HEAVY!

Update dining room table... CHECK! Sold our old glass table on craigslist and delivered to SE DC one night... yes I'm fearless/stupid! We now have a dining table that can seat 8! We still need to buy two more chairs and I want refinish the table but at least we are getting there!

Get my business website up and running ... Half way there. I have the site made and I'm in the process of adding event photos and event information. Here is the logo that I ended up going with.

Find a landscaper for our house...CHECK! After getting a few estimates (the highest coming in at $965 for, one-time, leaf removal... Ommm NO!) we found some guys based on a great recommendation from a neighbor.

Happy to also report that Matt finished his two Harvard classes and that he did great in them! So proud of him AND I'm even more excited that he no longer has 20+ hours of extra work each week!!!

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