Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals

To say that we have A LOT to do in the month of February is an understatement! As I alluded to yesterday, this is our last month as a family of FOUR!! An additional little guy will grace us with his presence in March!
As we anticipate his arrival it is safe to say that our goals for this month focus mainly on getting ready for the impending arrival.
Baby #3’s Room:
  • Clear out and clean the spare bedroom… The last time we shared it looked like this
    But since baby boy would be a bit unprotected in a big fluffy bed it is time to clear most items out while we use this room as our temporary nursery.
  • Paint the walls GRAY! I’ve wanted gray walls in our house for soooo long. My hope is that Matt will also fall in love with the color and will want to paint the main floor a lighter shade of gray… FINGERS CROSSED.
  • Window treatments (light cancelling blinds and new curtains)
  • Put new rug down (that we got for Christmas from my parents).
  • Re-style Bookcase
  • Wall art
Baby #3’s Arrival:
  • Get the cradle ready (put back together and bedding washed) as this will be where he spends the most of his time for the first month and a half… at least when he is no in our arms
  • Car seat into the car… we keep going back and forth on how we want to configure the seating in the van.
  • Start to make a list of items to pack for the hospital
  • Buy a new diaper bag… I love the Skip Hop bag that we currently have.... 
    But I always feel like it is about to bust at the seams! I need something larger since I will soon have two men in diapers.
  • We are starting to really work on the potty training process…. He seems very interested in the potty and a few times a week will use it but I would love to see something more regular. I’m sure that we will keep him in a diaper at night because he is too little to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Toddler bed… We have decided that we are going to go ahead and remove the glider from Hunter’s room and replace it with a toddler bed. We want to introduce the bed early so that it does not seem like he is being displaced too much by the baby. We want for the move into the bed to be a gradual and fun one. In an ideal world our timeline would be:
    1. Reading stories and play peek-a-boo with the covers
    2. Nap times
    3. Wanting to sleep in the bed full time.
  • Make Valentines' for Emma's Class... with 48 Kids this will not be an easy task!!! 
  • Summer camp planning
  • Get Emma’s PASSPORT! My parents will be taking Emma to Mexico for Spring break so I need to get on this one! 
  •  Appointments

    • Dental
    • Make 10 Year appointment for April
A lot to do and we have not wasted any time! We are making steady strides to have this list 100% completed by the end of the month.

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