Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Emma's First Day of School

Emma had a GREAT first day of school! Her Dad came over this morning and we took her over to the new house so that she could ride the bus on her first day. After school we did some homework and headed out for some pizza to celebrate the special day!

ALSO... Matt tested out of his last college class making this a HUGE day for two of my favorite people! Emma started the new school year while Matt finished!!! YAY

Yummy Cake & Cupcakes for Matt & Emma

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Emma and I had a VERY productive weekend. I finally made the Dollar Store Hurricanes that I have been wanting to try to make... It was SUPER EASY! I bought 4 candle stick holders for tapered candles and 2 large and two small hurricane holders... and with some crazy glue this is what Emma and I ended up with... 

Not too bad for $2.00 a piece for the glassware and $2.00 a piece for the fillers used... so not too shabby for $4.00 total... Just look at these from Pottery Barn  for $16.00 - $39.00 a piece. 

Emma and I also did some DIY projects for her new bedroom. She is requesting that we paint the room light purple so I thought that some new accessories in dark purple would fit in well. 

So we covered up the Lilly Pulitzer...  

and I armed Emma with some spray paint... 

we went from a a mixture of clearance items from Home Goods 

to uniformed accessories for the new room!!! 

I cannot wait to show you all what they end up looking like.