Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Living Room Sofa Update

So I wanted to give you all a little Living Room update now that Camden(That sis the name of our sofa) has been around for over a month...

As a re-cap, I purchased this sofa from Joss and Main. It was a 90" sofa that had an original retail price of $1695 but on the discounted furniture site for only $691. It seemed like too good of a deal to pass up and my fingers and toes were crossed that the gamble of purchasing a sofa on-line, sight unseen, paid off!


He looks really nice and he goes well with my AMAZING and super comfy chairs...

I love the color and the nail head detail... 

HOWEVER.... the sofa is SUPER hard... I've been letting the boys jump on it in the hopes that it would loosen the stuffing... no luck yet...
My main beef with the sofa is that I feel like they MAJORLY cut some corners when making it... I'm a realistic mama of three and I KNOW at some point something is going to spill on this bad boy... and try as I might I will not be able to get the spot out... so I will need to flip a cushion...


That's right people! The fabric does NOT cover the entire cushion!!!! The linen material ends and there is a black nylon fabric! It isn't something that I would have EVER thought to ask about! I just assumed that the fabric would be the same on all sides! NOT THE CASE.

Do I have regrets YES... but we are going to make the best out of the situation and live with the sofa for at least the next year and eventually we will invest in another sofa and I will move this one to our play room.

Lesson of the day folks... NEVER buy a sofa that you do not see in person first!!! I had a few people provide that same advice and well... I didn't listen!

 A few other things that I hope to tackle in the next year in this room...
  • Updated entryway light
  • Paint
  • Updated curtains
  • Fireplace built out with a larger mantle
  • new coffee table  -- Want Matt to make me this!

A few years down the road... We plan to redo the floor in a darker/wider wood, updated larger floorboards, and stain beams to match the darker floors.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week ahead

I'm going to be home for an ENTIRE week and I'm ready to get some thing done on my LONG to-do list. A few weeks ago I shared my goals for the month and well to be honest I've already given up on about half of these... to look short term though here are my goals for the week! my hope is that if I write them here I will stay accountable!

  • I will leave work on time and I will NOT work late! My parents are in Scotland for the next two weeks so having a babysitter means that I will have to hold tight to my work schedule! This also means that I will have more time with the kiddos so that is SUPER exciting.
  • I need to get my creative on... I plan to make some unique "place cards" for an event AND  a fun care package for Emma's whole Cabin at camp... thinking of doing personalized water bottles for each of the girls... kind of like this but of course more camp oriented and with treats inside
  • Work out EVERY DAY: I'm getting back on the daily 21 Day fix workouts and adding in 4 runs per week... This week I'm aiming for three miles each time. I have signed up for the Army 10 Miler so I'm going to slowly start to build to longer runs.
  • Clean out my "OFFICE"  At the moment the room is a MAJOR dumping ground. and I just want to clear the floor space so that I can
  • Updating our Gallery Wall... This has been on the to-do list for OVER a freaking year. The photos currently displayed are from our wedding, my maternity session with Hunter, and his newborn photos... NONE with Gibson in them. Time to make this wall reflect our CURRENT family structure. A few throwbacks will remain but it needs a good update.
  • BLOG EVERY DAY this week...
    • Tuesday: Living room update
    • Wednesday: DIY Father's Day Clock
    • Thursday: Thrifted Thursday: Frames and gallery Wall update
    • Friday: Friday Favorite Things: Things I own and LOVE!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Traverse City - Summer 2015

For those of you who don't follow me on social Media... MOM... here are some of the photos from our recent summer vacation to the beautiful Traverse City, Michigan! How lucky are we that Matt's hometown is a top vacation spot in the U.S. and it's easy to see why when you see how much fun we had!

Here is our car packed up and ready to go... I was literally only home for 12 hours after my Europe trip before we hit the road on vacation! and I got A LOT done in those 12 hours... Sleep, laundry, packing, and cleaning out the fridge.

the kids didn't get much sleep in the car but they did great...

and after 15 hours we were there!
We did a ton of eating on this trip... like always. Here is a full post about some of my favorite TC Restaurants.
Here is Hunter at our favorite Breakfast Burrito location, Cuppa Joe!  
Kids loved looking at the water and finding minnows
You see that backpack on Hunter... it is full of toys to help make sure that we make it through dinner out at a restaurant without a meltdown!
Photo outside of City Hall after Dinner
We are always sure to stop by the Great Lakes Children's Museum!
Both boys loved this little bridge right off of the Main Street.
Emma and Uncle Mitch at lunch on day...
Hunter went bowling for the first time... and didn't do too shabby

 We went to Sutton's Bay and wineries on Old Mission... Full post and photos HERE

Had a blast out at the North Bar Lakes and Dunes!
Gibson fell asleep on the raft!
Grilling and smores at Matt's Dad's
Boys did some great bonding
We went down to the Cherry Festival but the kids had a MELTDOWN so we didn't stay long
Our last full day was the 4th of July and the airshow so we went to Matt's Aunt and Uncle's... they have an AMAZING view of the bay and a pool. It doesn't get any better!

Now back to reality and HOME!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Favorite Things Friday: Small town shopping

I love all of the small shops that you find in a small town! Here are a few things that caught my eye while we were walking around in Sutton's Bay yesterday.

First of all, if you are ever in Sutton's Bay I would really recommend that you visit Enerne Nature store. Emma and Matt could be in this store for HOURS!

Hunter had a good time in there but wanted to touch EVERYTHING so lucky for us they had this fun magnetic face game that he could play with for a little while. I would highly recommend getting one of these for kiddos,

A few other things that caught my eye...

These super cute pjs!

An umbrella with a hard case that looks like a wine bottle... interesting concept... but why?

LOVE this Michigan chair! What a fun idea!

Scout bags are AWAY great. Super sturdy and I would recommend to ANYONE!

And who doesn't love butt magnets

 Like all of the colors in this tumbler. Matt and I both have "our own" tervis tumblers and we love them!

This sign that I spotted is giving me some great ideas for a DIY project! I want one!!!