Monday, September 29, 2014

Hunter's First Haircut

Just look at these Curls... Warning there are a TON of photos of Hunter's hair pre-cut because I want to remember his lovely locks...

Also ignore our bug bite!

Last week we decided that it was time for Hunter's first haircut! I love the curls and long hair but I was noticing that the longer bangs were starting to get in his eyes and bother him... so it was, sadly, time for a change.

So I mad an appointment for BOTH Matt and Hunter at Floyd's 99 Barbershop. Matt was very anti getting Hunter's hair cut so I figured if I picked a cool venue that he would be more on board... I also decided that it would be best to have Hunter see his daddy get his hair cut first so that he wouldn't be frightened...

Some more pre-cut photos

AHHH these curls melt my heart

They had some coloring books to keep Hunter occupied...

Because let's be honest he didn't care to watch Daddy get his haircut... Next time we will just do Hunter alone because it ended up being way too much time in the shop. Hunter lost his patience by the time he was up.

Here are their names on the book...

Getting ready. He sat on Daddy's lap

Last photo of the curls

I love the look on his face... he is just NOT sure about what is going down
There are not more photos of during because we had to use my phone as a distraction for him.

Here are the after photos of my big boy!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hunter's Favorite Things

I guess My Hunter Week really turned into two weeks due to my lack of posting! SORRY!

Here are a few of Hunter's favorite things at two!

This damn Thomas the Train Whistle! He LOVES it!

This boy carries this lunch box around all the time! Even at home when he is hungry he will bring me his lunch box and ask to eat!

OBSESSED with riding this CAT truck around the house. Ours does not have the Excavator on the back because it was found at a thrift store for only $7 but believe me it still makes noise and that is really all Hunter cares about.

He loves building new animals with the Funny Animal Mega Bloks Set. He also loves dumping out the bag!

If we were to get some fast food Hunter likes FIVE GUYS! He will down a Bacon Little Cheeseburger!

We take waffles very seriously in our house and they continue to be a favorite for Hunter! We have this GREAT Waring Pro machine

Hunter is also obsessed with Green Juice. Typically the only juice he gets are fresh smoothies that my mom makes him or this juice.

And how could I leave out ELMO! We sleep with our Big Hugs Elmo every night and he even got to meet Elmo the other day at my work! (More photos coming soon... they need to crop out the "handlers" from the official photos)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Building Man: Hunter's 2nd birthday Party

Last Saturday we celebrated Hunter's second birthday in style!

A little over a month ago I shared that we were planning on a construction theme for the party

I would call the party a success! I mean this little guy was happy and that is all that counts.

Here are a few of the fun details!

Guests were greeted with personalized favors when they walked in the door and fun photos of Hunter from the last year... full favor details on Wednesday.


We had construction toys all through the house for kiddos to play with

Parents also went home with some "wrecking balls" better known as gumballs...

Kiddos had construction hats to wear

This was the yummy treat table!

COSTCO cake with construction toys on top and candy (SUPER EASY)

Main food table...

Fun holder for the kiddos juice boxes  (Sadly didn't take any photos of the adult drink station)

I also made shirts for Emma, Matt and me...

Here are some photos from the party!

Hunter checking out Gibson's cool outfit

Cake time!

My dad made this great photo prop!