Friday, September 5, 2014

August Re-Cap

Here is how I did with my goals for the month of August
  1. Loose 5 lbs... Lost 4 lbs and only 4 more to go before I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight.
  2. RUN... I'm up to 4 Miles without walking. Matt hasn't being going with me SLACKER but I'm going to try to get him to run at least once a week. Still planning on doing a 5 mile race the weekend of Hunter's birthday party
  3. Move furniture around in Gibson's Room... Done and Done. I really like the layout. Just need to take some photos now so that I can update you!
  4. Create a homework station for back-to school... Shared some ideas HERE
  5. Backpack for Hunter... While I didn't make it 100% on my own I did personalize a back pack for Hunter... only to find out that he cannot take it to school... but I will share it next Tuesday and he can use it to take stuff to nana's house.
  6. Organize Hunter's Clothes... he now only has clothes that fit him in his closet and dresser AND I had some fun buying the little man a few new Fall items from Old Navy...
  7. Trip to Savannah... Gibson and I made the trip early in the month. It was so wonderful to help out my sister-in-law. Details here and here

Shortcomings... Not going to say Fail...
  1. Sell at least $300 worth of items on eBay... My end of the month total for ebay sales came to.... $250
  2. Create a reading nook in the playroom
  3. Touch-up paint in the house

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