Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Checklist

I've truly enjoyed using the Simplify 101 Monthly Checklists! Even though I'm guilty of not always checking the boxes... it gives me something to work towards and it helps me prioritize.

Here is what I hope to check off for the month of April...

Get your April Checklist here!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Recap of the March Checklist... Fail

What a slacker two days without a post! I've been a busy bee however!

Between work, getting ready for the kiddos Easter, Easter brunch at my house for 12, Emma's NINTH birthday next week, and 9 Girls over at our house for a sleep over in the next two weeks... there is just A LOT going on!

On top of ALL of the above.. if that were not enough to have on my pate... I will also start traveling in April with my boss AND Matt's amazing mom will be coming for a visit!


I'm going to be sharing my April check list soon but first needed to close out the month of March... I have to admit that I don't think that I did too well. There were no huge projects this month due to our family ski trip to Colorado... so I'm not coming out of the month with a feeling of accomplishment... even though I did get a few lingering projects done.

Case and point... didn't do too hot...

Here is a breakdown:

Set goals for the Month: Completed I set some goals... maybe didn't follow through as well as I had hoped

Check Monthly Tickler folder: I think that the most helpful part about the folder is that I have pre-purchased some Birthday cards and I place them in the folder with a post-it on who they belong to and I already have the address on the envelope! Makes it so easy to stay on top of birthdays!

Create a Spring Cleaning Checklist: Made a checklist... Cannot say that I've done much to cross things off of it however.

De clutter & Organize Clothes / Make a spring Shopping list: Gap Friends and Family helped me out with this one. I got some great stuff for Emma and Hunter.

Inventory Easter Baskets / Spring Home Decor: So Easter is Sunday and I still have to put up one thing and take my photos... but I'm going to consider this one to be complete... I also had a lot of Easter decorations that were not really my style anymore so those items were donated.

File Taxes: SOOOO not done. I did create a "tax station" to allow for us to keep all tax documents together as they come in through the mail.

Get Ready for Storm Season: Also not something that I have even thought about. I really feel like we need to generally be better prepared... not talking prepper status here... but just a happy medium. One of my main concerns is with the fact that Emma is with her dad two nights a week and say something happened while she was not with me and communication was down... how do we contact each other and were would be a good place to meet up. She is my amazing little girl and I know that my first thought would be to get to her as soon as possible.

Spring clock forward: Yeah if I didn't already do this I would be one late girl!

Wash light fixtures / Cleaning mini zone / Smoke Detectors / Carbon monoxide detector: All things that are on my spring cleaning list that I have not done... Dude, I'm having a hard enough time keeping my kitchen counter clean and dishes done... let alone a deep clean of the house.

Fix Something Broken: I fixed a one handled basket!!!

Colorado Ski Trip:  Went and had a great time! The trip was not without its ups and downs but all and all it was a great time and I look forward to going again next year.

Organize Photos.... Not even going to go there... Yes this item has been on my list since January!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I just realized the other day that I had completely forgotten to post about my WONDERFUL baby shower!

The theme was elephants... no surprise to anyone who knows me and the colors were orange and blue! 

It was the perfect event hosted by three amazing friends! I'm one lucky chica. 

Enjoy the photos and if you are wondering the source for anything just let me know and I will get the info for you.

The one thing I do know is that the flowers were custom arrangements from Wegmans! They truly did such an amazing job! So turn to them the next time you need something!

Loved the Animal Cookies and Sugar Peanuts that guests could take home with them. I also loved the cute invitation! 

Photo of the little man in my belly! This is now on the bookcase in his room. 

Wishes for Hunter. I especially cherish the wishes that Emma wrote down!

Little Carter booties with an embroidered elephant on them. SOOO cute! These were the first socks that Hunter wore.

Emma and Matt's cousin! Two very beautiful girls 

Yummy yummy cake

Emma helped open all of the gifts

BIG SISTER Emma shirt... and a little bodysuit for Hunter!Thank you HOLLY!
Sadly my mother-in-law was unable to attend in person but she sent this GREAT camo outfit. It was one of our favorites on Hunter! So sad that he has now outgrown the outfit.

Great photo with my WONDERFUL mom and Emma!

Matt's Aunt was so amazing and opened up her beautiful home for my shower!

Consider Me Inspired

Hunter: 6 Months

How is it that Hunter is already half a year old!!!! CRAZY!

and just look at this personality! 

Here are Hunter's past monthly photos!

1 Month Old
2 Months Old
3 Months Old
4 Months Old
5 Months Old

Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Easter Towels

I have an AWESOME craft to share with you today! In fact I think this is my first truly unique idea that I have come up with and I'm pretty excited about it! And if you have seen something like this before on the Internet... DO NOT TELL ME. I would like to stay blissfully ignorant and think that I came up with it on my own!

Here is what I did...

I made some DIY Easter Towels! I know not ground breaking but again I'm excited!

** Side note: I did this with my "Do not use" guest towels in the bathroom. So they are decorative towels only.** Matt hates these towels because their only purpose is to look pretty!

Here is what you will need:

- Two Towels
- 2 pieces of felt
- Needle and Thread
- Hot Glue Gun
- 2 Poof ball... not the technical term but that is what I'm calling them

First get your bunny template from 504 Main... print and cut

Lay your bunny template on a piece of felt

 Trace the bunny with a pen

Cut out the bunny

Get your needle and thread

I am using some of the GREAT Brother thread that Matt bought me when I got my sewing Machine. 

I love that it includes 20 great colors!

Next, I got together my towel and supplies

Placed the bunny in the center

and got my sew on... I did about 10 stitches around the bunny at various points...

Goal is to not make too many stitches because after Easter I will cut the thread and remove the bunny easily...

Now for the finishing touch... get your glue gun out and attach your bunny tail...

The end result is SUPER cute and I love that after Easter I can easily remove and the towels will be exactly as they were before!!!

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