Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some March Etsy Love...

I am just falling in love with so many things on etsy this month that I figured I should do a post about it!

When I looked at this adorable newborn photo shoot featured at On to Baby the great personalized blanket caught my eye and I was wishing that I had seen this before Hunter's birth... I will have to keep this in mind for the next baby Park and as a great baby gift for others! You can find this blanket at PETUNIAS shop on etsy! I would go with the organic one for $58.50... a little pricey for a blanket but I just LOVE IT!

So since that blanket is for a future baby Park (and no I'm not pregnant)... I figured I should show something that I am drooling over for my current little man!

This bow tie & cardigan onesie from HaddonCo is out of control adorable! I love that it is actually two different onesies that are layered.

I also love this photo of another little man wearing the set! He is just too cool for school... not sure however about taking photos on a railroad track...

I also love this wooden Teether Toy phone! Hunter is putting everything in his mouth these days and always reaching for our phones so this would be the perfect little toy for him.

The seller 3PrincessesStore has many different models so they can match your blackberry or iPhone needs :) Or if you want to really go old school check out this Nintendo Remote

And what about Emma!!! I love this bright and bold Wall clock for Emma's bedroom!

the seller ArtisEverything has some great items for office and organization. I just love all of the bright prints!

I would also love a couple of these great 18" floor poufs from SewMeLovely in Emma's room for when friends hang out.

I would go with a brighter color however... Maybe this is something that I could try to DIY because $75.00 per pouf is a bit extreme when I would want 2-3...

What would I get for myself and home.... Well there are really too many things to mention but here are my highlights!

I LOVE unique lighting and it might come as a surprise to some that I would totally put this Deer antler chandelier from Antler4U in our dining room

I would also love two of these recycled whiskey bottle pendant lights in our kitchen. From Heirloom2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE so many things on etsy! It is so easy to get stuck on that site just searching for great items.

But sometimes people do get it wrong... now I'm not anti guns by any means but really....

Hand gun soap party favors???? Oh FavorsByAngelique... WHY?

Are you drooling over anything on etsy lately or have you seen anything so wrong on the site????

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