Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Console LOVE

All... we are only 10 days from the wedding day!!! AHHH.

Now that I've gotten that exclamation out of the way... It is on to home improvement items. I've been doing A LOT at the house in the past few weeks... I just need to download all of the photos so that I can share my projects with you. I feel like such a slacker but between work, wedding planning, and getting the house together there are not enough hours in my day!

One project that I am looking forward to tackling as soon as the wedding is over is to redo a console table for our downstairs hallway. Over at Isabella & Max Rooms the talented Janell just recently completed a project that makes me drool and almost makes me what to pick up a paint brush BEFORE the wedding. It would almost we worth staying up all night for!

The crisp white paint and the antiqued hardware looks beautiful! and up against the stenciled wall!!! Let's just say that I love everything about this! The console that I am looking for will need to be a bit larger but this is exactly the look and feel of what I am hoping to achieve when I tackle this project POST wedding. I think that I might even go ahead and place an order for a stencil!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thirty by Thirty Update

Now that 2011 is here I thought that this would be a good time to update all on my thirty by thirty list (Updates in purple)

Here is my Thirty by Thirty (in no order)

1. Get Married (Can cross this one off on January 29th)
2. Become a Home Owner - Matt and I bought a home in Alexandria last September!
3. Take Emma to Disney World - Should be this summer
4. Go Scuba Diving
5. Become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
6. Go on a Winery Tour - During out visit to Traverse City we visited the wineries on Old Mission
7. Get a Dog - Should happen late this year
8. Take a Cooking Class- I would like to do this sometime in the spring
9. Run a 5K
10. Plant a Vegetable Garden - I hope to tackle this project this spring
11. Take a Photography Class
12. Spend a Minimum of 4 days Hiking and Camping with Matt
13. Take Emma Camping - Will do this summer
14. Cook a Full Thanksgiving Dinner - did a Christmas dinner... does that count??
15. Do a Family Photo Session and use the Picture for a Photo Holiday Card
16. Go to Europe with Matt
17. Take Dance Lessons… Maybe HipHop??? - I signed up for a hip hop cardio class but only managed to go once... so cannot cross this one off.
18. Give up Fruit Snacks… this will be a HARD one for me- I"m on my way with this one... no Gushers in two months. I have to admit that I have had the Welch's fruit snacks but I blame that on Wedding stress!
19. Take a Family Vacation with another Family - Might be going to Disney with my brother and his family this summer
20. Enlarge a Photograph that I’ve Taken and display as artwork in my home
21. Become a Government Employee… One can dream
22. Find a cheap & hideous piece of furniture to refinish/reupholster & make it BEAUTIFUL- I am currently on the lookout for a large hutch to refinish and put in our basement.
23. Create a Fitness Goal and stick to it- I've been working with a trainer the last 4 months to get toned for the wedding
24. Redesign and decorate an entire home… on a budget - work in progress
25. Get my Event Planning Business up & running
26. Become active in the PTA
27. Give Emma a brother or sister
28. Become organized enough to scrapbook
29. Cook at Home for a full Month... another SUPER Hard one
30. Go two months without buying clothes - I have not bought any clothing for myself in the last month... perhaps with all my upcoming wedding tasks I will be able to make this goal.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Peaceful & Project-Filled 2011

2010 was a year full of changes.  And when I say full, I mean FULL - my job responsibilities at work evolved and I now travel when needed, Emma changed schools, we moved into a new house, and MATT PROPOSED!  I'm hoping that 2011 brings peace in the most basic of ways.  Settling into our new house, feeling less crazed and more centered, getting back to a more basic day-to-day life, after the wedding of course.  And with this new found peace, my goal is to post more to my blog, as I have a lot of projects on the docket!
p.s: In case you were all wondering... my cutie finance pulled though and talked Santa into leaving these under the tree! (in brown) I LOVE THEM!!!