Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Emma's 9th Birthday Party Sleepover

As I referenced on Sunday.... I made it through the sleepover chaos!

Emma had 7 girls over on Saturday night (so 8 total including her) for a birthday party sleep over and the girls had a blast... at least I hope they did.

Here are a few highlights!


So we decided that instead of the girls getting bags when they left on Sunday morning that we would distribute "sleepover buckets" at the start of the evening . All items for the bucket were from one of my favorite locations.. the Dollar Tree!

Emma had a blast filling these travel bottles with Bubble bath, lotion, and hair spray

This is our finished personalized bucket. I made the labels in word and printed on Avery label paper.

These are the goodies in the bucket... 
Personalized Water bottle (Used Sharpie paint marker),Silly string, Notebook, pens, CANDY, Bath fizzy, nail polish, manicure set, lotion, bubble bath, hair spray, Hair extensions, Lufa, Dry erase daily board, and lip gloss.   

Here are all of the buckets all lined up and ready for the girls to arrive! Even Hunter wanted in on the action. 

I decided that we would do personalized water bottles for the sleepover so that the girls would use the same bottle the whole night and we wouldn't go through a million cups. Also, I was hoping to avoid spills with the lid.

The Nail polish was all lined up and ready to go!

Eye Shadow and fax eyelashes for the girls to get glamorized.

Kid friendly Truth or dare containers. I printed the dare ideas from here and truth questions from here

Emma went through the sheets and picked her favorites and I also edited so that there were none about boys. 

Yummy snacks out! Emma and I made the chocolate covered strawberries the morning of her party (they are her favorite).
dots on the buffet are actually wrapping paper that I purchased at Target and folded to fit. I love that this easy and cheap idea added such a pop of color to the party!

And here is where all the fun went down... I created a little "fort" in our dining room. I removed all of the furniture (in the process I broke my glass top dining room table...) We added cafe lights along the wall and on the beams, hung fabric and colorful decorations. Emma had wanted all of the walls lined with fabric but I couldn't really figure out how to do that. I also added air mattresses so that all of the girls would have a comfy place to sleep.

And here are some photos of all the fun!

As you can see... Hunter was a hit with all the ladies.They even wanted to be a part of our bed time routine and sat on the floor in his room in the dark while I told him Goodnight Moon and sang our songs.

Someone got caught in a dare!!!

And here are a group of the girls the next morning. This group stayed up until 4:30 a.m. 

A smaller group went to bed around 1a.m. 

The next morning when the girls got up Hunter headed to Little Gym with Matt and I made the girls homemade waffles (added chocolate chips for those that wanted them) and strawberries. After breakfast it was time to pack up and parents came to get the girls.

I think that the sleepover was a success and that the girls all had a great time. Even Emma has stated that next time we should maybe only have 2-3 girls over at a time... 8 was a lot.

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  1. How fun! You did a great job with your buckets and the sleepover! Happy Birthday Emma!