Monday, April 29, 2013

Craigslist Furniture Find!

So tomorrow I will be picking up my very first furniture purchase from Craigslist.

My search criteria was:
  • Solid wood dresser
  • Under 63 inches in length 
  • Traditional lines
  • Under $100.00 
  • Had to include a photo
  • Located in a surrounding city... Home girl was NOT going to drive over 15 minutes for this thing 
If you remember my mood board for the spare bedroom... it included a painted wood dresser and I really wanted to replicate that in our space (but in a different color)

The dresser in my mood board came from the awesome I heart Organizing blog and she found her dresser for only $40 on craigslist! What a great find to give me some inspiration!

So after two weeks of searching I found the below beauty for $85.00. Not as cheap as my inspiration piece but it has good bones! I cannot wait to pick it up and start my painting!!! I'm beyond excited!

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