Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spare bedroom: Before

Our spare bedroom has acted as a catch all for random furniture and storage but that is all about to change because I have a new motivation... Matt's mom will be coming to stay with us for a few days mid-month!

Time to get our act together and mark off a few DIY projects that we have been putting off!

Here are some before photos of the room that we are working with.

This is at time of purchase... an empty little room:

And here is the sad room in its current state... The room really is a catch all with all of my summer clothes under the bed, ill fitting linens, and a closet full of Emma's baby doll toys and my shoes... so random.

Look at this eye sore.. the panel has been off the wall since Christmas because one of the fuses was starting to go bad and it now makes a humming noise. Matt purchased the new fuse a while ago but just has never completed the project.

Look at these EMPTY windows... this room gets a lot of light especially first thing in the morning. A HUGE to-do is to get some blinds in here and curtains.

Another Empty Window... and a BIG empty wall. we will need to get our DIY on to personalize this space and make it seem warmer.

A majority of the randomness in this room is actually Emma's... While we were redoing her room this was her "temporary" space. As a result I had moved ALL of her toys and personal items down here and not all were moved back upstairs when she moved back into her real room. Maybe this is an indication that these items can be donated??? I'm sure that if I were to ask her she would protest that they were her very favorite toys that she could NEVER live without... Well of course except for the three months that they have been in the basement unused...

This book case could use some better styling and we need to figure our what to do with the random toys. 

A lot to take on in this room... but at least we have a good foundation! I'm going to keep the walls light green. I love this color it is Spring Melt from Martha Stewart and just is so fresh, airy, and crisp.

Time to get my mood board on!

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