Tuesday, May 28, 2013

B-Thrifty Charging Station!

Head over to Just be thrifty and see the great facelift that I gave this $4.99 charging station that I found at B-Thrifty in Woodbridge!!!

A purchase like this is a great example of why I love finding things at thrift stores.

Coat Closet Update for Summer

I desperately needed to clean out our coat closet and get it summer ready!

Here is what we were working with...

For such a small closet we sure had everything PACKED in...  

Step one was to clean everything out and start with a blank slate...

It isn't a very functional coat closet because like I mentioned before... it is TINY... as in it is not even as wide as a HANGER!!!  So you have to tilt all the hangers to the side and the doors always pop open...

In the future we plan to build a proper entry to our house... to include a new coat closet and this wall will be opened up into a larger VERY open kitchen.

Anyway... back to the organization.

Look what I found in the closet. YES 24 bottles of sunscreen!!! WHAT??? How does that even happen??

After some purging this is what we were left with. Large winter coats have been placed in a bin in the attic and the beach towels and pool bag have officially made their appearance!

Top shelf holds extra K-cups & travel cups (they use to be down in the basement but this is so much more functional as we go through a lot of coffee!!), an emergency lantern (just in case), and our pool towels (so they are easily accessible)

The bottom holds a bin with Emma's roller-blades/pads, yoga mat, label maker, gloves/hats, swiffer/swifferpads, gold umbrella, and the pool bag.

I also screwed this organizer into one of the side walls. It holds a sunscreen, ice scraper, and sewing kit.

So happy that this is now organized and checked off my task list for May.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Spare Bedroom reveal

Today I'm going to share our spare bedroom!!!

Here is a flash back on what it looked like before:

Here was my mood board:

And here are some after images...

Sewing Station w/ covered sewing machine and my awesome & Cheap table cloth curtains

One of the goals was to majorly organize and style my Expedit Bookcase and I think I can call this project a success!  I love the fabric covered backing! Can you believe that it is just a Twin Sheet!!!

I also love my DIY headboard that I did for the Spring Pinterest Project!

And my AMAZING DIY Rope light fixture that I made from an old ugly brass light found for only $14.99 at the thrift store! 

My biggest DIY project to date was this craigslist dresser! After much debate on what color to go with I actually went against the majority vote and did YELLOW.

I did a little DIY project and covered a plan cork board with burlap and stenciled a P in the middle!

And because I love a dramatic before and after... 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Restoration Hardware Home

I ran across this amazing home that was featured on Hooked on Houses a few months ago!!!

What a dream it would be to live inside the pages of a Restoration Hardware Catalog!

I mean look at this SUPER inviting entryway!

And the inside is even more jaw dropping

This amazing home in TX was remodeled to look just like a Restoration Hardware home and i think that it was done so well. The home was up for sale fro $599,000 sadly furniture not included.

Sewing Machine Cover

Yesterday I shared my new sewing station

And under the table you could see a little sneak peak of my newly covered sewing machine!

I wanted for the machine to be easily accessible but also to blend in with the surroundings so I covered with some left over fabric from my DIY headboard.

First I measured the cover of the sewing machine and cut the fabric to size.

After cutting the fabric down I sewed all of the sides.

After cutting down the fabric and sewing the sides, I grabbed some burlap ribbon that I had on hand and cut Four 18" strips

Each strip of ribbon was fastened to the edges of the fabric with a push pin. about 3 inches from each of the edges.

The ribbons were sewn into place and I simply draped the fabric over the machine, tied the burlap bow in a ribbon, and snipped the edges of the ribbon.

Love the result! and this was an easy 5 minute project!
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