Thursday, May 9, 2013

Packing for a work trip w/ Stella and Dot

A few weeks ago I hosted a Stella and Dot Trunk show and Look what arrived yesterday!!! My new Stella and Dot bags!!!

They arrived JUST in time for my work trip... in fact I am on the aircraft as we speak! It is a short trip (only two nights)... my boss is so wonderful and understood that logistically as a nursing mom that it would be difficult to take a week long trip and the destinations are remote so pumping and keeping the milk cold would have been difficult... SO as a result I am only participating in the Germany portion on the trip and will fly commercial home on Saturday.

Anyway... As soon as the bags arrived I started packing. The large Getaway bag fit EVERYTHING that I needed for the trip! Event with out the extension zipper undone.

The clothes were rolled and placed in the bottom... 

Make-up went into the cute pouf that I received as a hostess gift...

Toiletries went into the Hang on Travel Case

I just love all of the colorful patterns! YAY!!! this made my day!

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  1. So cute! How fun to travel with brand new bags :) Safe travels!