Thursday, May 2, 2013

April In Review

I cannot believe that April is already over!!! How is it even possible???

Earlier in the month I set my April Goals as a part of Simplify 101 and I have to say that I didn't do too bad. There are a few things that well... I just didn't get around to but it was a big month! I started traveling again with work, Matt started a new job (Same company), Emma started soccer again and completed her second 5K, and Hunter now scoots!

Here is how I ended the month...
Spring Cleaning: Still a work in progress... I shared my cleaning list here and I would say that I am about 75% of the way there! Needless to say this will be making its way on my May list... It is still spring in May... don't judge!

Sewing Station: I am happy to say that I have created a little sewing station in the spare bedroom and I will be sharing some details next week!

Plant a Garden: I REALLY want to do this... but I just haven't found the time with my indoor projects. I WANT FRESH TOMATOES! I also want to prove to Matt that I can keep something alive besides a Human and a dog...

Garage Sale: I can check this off because I have decided NO!!! I don't have the time to mess with that hassle! I've continued to take loads to Salvation Army on a monthly basis.

Inventory Pantry/Freezer: I know what is in them... a lot of Pheasant and breast-milk but I've not created menus. This one will not be added in May...

Shampoo Carpets: Completed!

Create recycle Zone: We kind of already have one... so this was easy. I did toss all my old plastic bags though... there were some from the former owners of our house and well I just wanted to clean everything out and start fresh.

Check A/C: I have to admit that we are holding off on this and hoping that it doesn't get too hot in early May. We are likely going to need to install a new unit this year and we are trying to hold off until we are also ready to do our bathroom as the current a/c is on top and leaked... so we want to fix the area affected by the leak and get a new unit all at once.

Fix Something Broken: I am SOOO happy to say that we completed something that we have put off for TWO years! We did it last weekend and I have a whole blog post planned.

Host a Stella & Dot Party: DONE! Had some great ladies over and we got our shopping on!

Spare Bedroom: While my spare bedroom has already come a long way and is now "guest" ready... It is still not done. Matt's mom ended up not being able to make the trip in April and will actually be coming in a little over a week. Lots to do before she gets here! I will continue to share the progress on here.

Easter Decorations: Put away and some items that went unused were donated.

Power Wash House: we decided to push this off until mid-May when we plan to use more of our outdoor areas.

Taxes: We are good citizens and submitted our taxes last minute! Thank you Turbo Tax!

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