Thursday, December 23, 2010

If I had $10,000...

WOW a shoe of the month club... sign me up!!! If only it wasn't $10,000! A girl can dream though.

Here is a more economical option through JCrew

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My wish list!

So a girl knows not to get her hopes up when her cutie pie fiance asks her what she wants for Christmas only 3 days out... WHAT you don't already have all of your gifts purchased???

Let me explain Reveal something to all of you... I am a Christmaszilla. I LOVE Christmas and am typically very on top of things this time of year. All of the gifts neatly wrapped under my tree were bought (and wrapped) before Thanksgiving. In August I typically sit down and make a list and slowly purchase things. This makes me budget for the gifts and keeps me from going CRAZY last minute with my credit card.

Now I'm going to reveal an area where Matt and I differ. I come from a family that makes Christmas lists... Matt HATES that!!! He thinks that gifts should be a total surprise and that you should not tell other people what you are hoping to get.... Weird right? Well this has taken me a few years to get use to. For a while I would TRY to give Matt hints but after those went unanswered I learned to just give up and wish for the best. (YES this leads to very random gifts... ) So this year I didn't say anything. I didn't make a wish list. So last night when my sweetie asked those little words "What do you want for Christmas?" I knew we were in trouble...  That means that Matt is up against a wall and hasn't given Christmas a thought up until this point

So... I'm thinking that it is already too late at this point since Matt ONLY shops on-line. But here is what is on my wish list this year...

Trellis Allover Stencil

How much fun would it be to paint an accent wall or even a ceiling with this fun and versatile stencil??? This would be such a fun project to tackle AFTER the wedding.

 I could even use the stencil for smaller projects. Look at this great tray that I found on a GREAT blog Isabella & Max Rooms

UGG Snow Boot
From: Nordstrom

How cute are these snow boots. I was thinking that I wanted a pair of the original Ugg boots in black this Christmas but after seeing this snow boot I'm changing my mind! Bring on the snow (AFTER January 29th)

A Cozy Robe
From: Nordstrom

It may come as a surprise but I do not own a comfy cozy robe like the one above!



Yes you read that right... I would be ecstatic to receive some gorgeous tile for a special project that I would LOVE to take on after the wedding... MY DREAM LAUNDRY ROOM
Now I HATE doing laundry but I cannot help but think that my motivation would increase if I could have a room like the one bellow found on Never Without

Our laundry room is HUGE but uninspiring. I want to install a new floor, Drywall and something to hide our ugly utility thingies (aka hot water heater and other things to make a house function). On my dream Laundry Room list I would have the following:

Counter top
Storage for Dishes
Drawers for entertaining accessories
Functional overflow area for pantry goods
Wrapping Paper Section
Scrapbooking/Craft storage

I want this room to be so rocking and gorgeous that it becomes my mommy cave!Oh the endless possibilities

I know that this room is on the BOTTOM of Matt's priority list for the house but FYI to him I plan to make this my main focus after the wedding!