Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gibson is 2 Months Old

The big Gibson Man turned two Months on Sunday and he is truly a BIG man!!! After a trip to see our favorite Doctor we have our new stats....

Weight: 13.4 lbs
Height: 24 inches

This month Gibson...

  • Was really sick at the start of the month with lots of spitting up, a slight fever, and runny nose. It broke my heart to hear him cough! 
  • He started the month with his longest stretch being only 4 hours, at night... and ended with sleeping 9 hours in a stretch!!! He is pretty much awesome!!!
  • Had his first smile at 5 weeks and now smiles all this time!!! Such a cute gummy grin! Doctor even said that he is laughing now
  • Looks around at his surroundings
  • Took his first road trip to meet his Great Grandma in Indiana. 
  • He now LOVES bath time... he is so calm and quite at bath time.
  • Is a FAST eater still. 
  • Is most awake around 6 a.m.
  • Started going to Emma's playgroup on Monday's after school
  • Has found his hands a few times and put them in his mouth 
  • Continues to stick out his tongue all the time. 
  • Likes walks outside 
  • Is wearing cloth diapers all the time (except when on road trips...)
  • is starting to ALREADY grow out of he 0-3 months clothes!!!
  • Has been sleeping in his own crib since his 4th week.  
  • Continues to take after his big sister with his tongue out all the time. 

Here was Hunter at 2 months.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Working to meet my goals!

It is the last week of the month and I am busy working on different projects to complete my goals for MAY

Today my focus is on the screened in porch because I found a GREAT rug at Target over the weekend.

Since I'm trying to get a lot done while the kiddos are napping I will keep this post short... but here is what you have to look forward to the rest of the week...

Wednesday: Gibson at 2 Months
Thursday: Indiana Recap
Friday: Target Favorite Things... I saw so many great items when I was there over the weekend and I cannot wait to share the items that caught my eye!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

  1. This grey and White crib... I'm helping a friend with her nursery and it is the PERFECT starting point for the room and it is exactly what I would purchase if we didn't already have our round crib! At only $299 you cannot beat the price and Delta is a really reputable crib company.
  2. I want to make this salad for lunch today! So healthy and includes all of my favorite foods. AVOCADO!!!
  3. I HATE our living room fireplace. The dark red brick is not the look that I'm going for in there at all! This fireplace gives me so much insipration... the painted brick, iron screen, & chunky wooden mantel... YES PLEASE! 
  4. Looking forward to shrinking my belly post baby! These are some great exercises!
  5. Kate Spade desk accessories are the best! These cute babysitter notepads are so cute... now if I could only find someone willing to watch three children! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

As Seen on TV

Hello from Evansville, Indiana!!! I'm here visiting my grandmother (more on that later) and when talking about convenience cooking she brought out the Stone Wave...

She had purchased this a few months back but hadn't made anything in it yet.

So I decided that I would give it a try...

This morning I mixed up all of the ingredients for an omelet (two eggs, tomato, pre-cooked bacon & cheese on top) right in the container. I placed the lid on top and microwaved for 1 minute 30 seconds.

The result was SUPER yummy

This was so easy to do! I've already ordered two from Amazon for myself!!! HAHA

I was thinking that I could put all the ingredients, pre-mixed, into a plastic ziplock bag and Emma could make herself an omelet before school... and I will take one into work to make myself breakfast and steam veggies for lunch!

Cannot wait to get my two Stone Wave containers in the mail!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

This is how I roll...

You might remember back in February when I mentioned that I was suffering from a bit of stroller envy when it came to my double stroller... and I hadn't even used it yet at that point.

Well it is time for a little update... after over a month of use of this guy...

I've thrown in the towel! This thing was a monster!!! My review is...
  • Couldn't maneuver with only one hand... If I had to pick up one of the kids pushing the stroller with my other free hand was impossible.
  • I ran into EVERY door because of how wide this thing was.
  • The harness was SUPER annoying to put on Hunter. It would fall into a clump on the seat and if he was flailing around I couldn't get to the straps without some major fighting.
  • I never really felt like Gibson's seat was in the stroller securely... You just simply placed the car-seat into the stroller seat. There was no way to lock it in. 
  • With Hunter and Gibson sitting next to each other Hunter was always reaching in to touch Gibson. 
  • I like to hang my diaper bag over the handles of the stroller but that was, of course, impossible.  
  • When shopping I could never get in between fixtures. I would have to leave the kids in the aisles to look at the racks.
I had ENOUGH!!! My breaking point came after a morning of being out of the house with the kids... at all of the locations I went to I parked in the parking lot and once I got the kids into the stroller to go into various stores I would come to the realization that I had to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND THE FREAKING PARKING LOT!!! I couldn't find an opening between cars that was wide enough for this big old thing!!!

This was a pain in the BUTT!!!

My next stop that same day was Buy Buy Baby! I walked right up to the guy in the stroller section and announced that I was OVER this stroller and that I needed something else! He was GREAT! I had mentioned that I had previously drolled over the Baby Jogger City Select stroller so that is what he showed me first and instantly I fell in LOVE.

I mean look at all of these possibilities

I also purchased the Car seat adapter and the  Second seat adaptors.

This allowed me to turn the single stroller into a double! Buy Buy Baby did price matching and so my showing the cashier that the stroller was cheaper on Amazon I saved $110.99!! SCORE!!!

My grand total was $497.12... not cheap but so worth it!

I came right home and put this baby together!

It only took about 5 minutes to put everything together. 

Hunter approves ...

Here it is all folded... 

and after a week of use I have to say that it is 100% better. In fact I've even taken it on a run with the boys! So that is how we roll... and it is a much smoother ride with a lot less cussing!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A little bit of heaven

As a part of my Mother's Day post earlier this week I shared my gifts and there was one that I get almost every special occasion... 

Let me just say that the ladies here in the Park household have a LOVE for John and Kira's Chocolates.

Matt is guaranteed to have a happy wife if I'm gifted with the every flavor box. 

They are beyond amazing

What sets them apart from other gourmet chocolates are the flavors that they come in. They are all truly unique and unlike anything that I have ever tasted. 

Here are the descriptions of the various flavors. 

These things are so good that I try to make them last as long as possible... I have a little nibble of each flavor everyday and by not eating whole pieces at once I'm able to make a box last a whole month. Even Emma knows how special these chocolates are... she received a box from Matt for Valentine's Day and she also managed to make them last a month. Each night before bed she would come and snuggle with me in her pjs and we would both nibble on our chocolates before we brushed our teeth for the night.

I HIGHLY recommend them for a gift for a special someone!

*** this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are completely my own... I just love them so much that I had to share!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hunter at 20 Months

This month Hunter:
  • LOVES ring around the rosy. He will even do it by himself... he spins in a circle while I sing the song and falls down at the end laughing!!! 
  • Continues to sleep in his big boy bed. At bedtime I recite "Goodnight Moon" from memory while he lays under the covers we have kisses time... he says kisses over and over while I give him kisses on the neck and he laughs... after a few minutes of kisses he gets tired of the game and simply says "Bye". And repeats "bye" over and over until I leave the room and close the door. 
  • We really enjoy the warmer weather and playing outside. His favorite outdoor activities are running after Emma and Sophie, playing in his little house, and playing ball
  • Is a helpful little man and he now understands enough that typically we can tell him to do something and he DOES IT! Unless of course he decides to completely ignore us! 
  • We got in two more teeth this month and a cold at the same time so Hunter was a miserable little guy for a few weeks! So Sad.
  • We enrolled for Pre-school in the fall! CRAZY
  • Loves to go to his big sister's soccer games! All of the girls go gaga for him! He has a little fan club
  • Continues to be a good big brother... giving Gibson daily hugs and kisses. When Gibson cries in the car Hunter tells him "hushhhhhh" and tries to hold his hand... It is SUPER cute 
  • Favorite word is MINE... He will grab an object, hold it close to his chest, and say "Mine" over and over. (there is a video at the end of this posting)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day re-cap

I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day. Gibson had a 7 hour sleep stretch the night before so I started my day off feeling GREAT!!!

Emma made me some yummy waffles for breakfast... complete with a smile! 

and I was spoiled with all kinds of goodies! Emma made me a clay cup for coffee... it has a hole in the bottom though so I will be using it as a pen holder at work.

An aged balsamic 
Lavender bath stuff
 Fancy soaps

 My FAVORITE chocolates. I will do a full post on this on Thursday. They are amazing!!!

I potted these flowers as a part of my mom's gift. 

In the afternoon my mom and I went down to the fish market in D.C. to pick up some yummy jumbo male crabs. It was crazy busy down there!!! We frequently get crabs from Jessie Taylor Seafood so my mom was able to call ahead and reserve good crabs in the morning before everything was picked over. She is even on a first name bases with some of the guys down there and buys them baby gifts...

We brought the crabs home and had a great "picnic" outside on the patio.

 Gibson hung out in the mamaroo

while we ate all fo the yummy food! 

When Hunter was done eating he played in his play house (THANK YOU KNOTTS FAMILY) 

Hunter was a MESS after the picnic but it was worth it because he had such a good time!