Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gibson is 2 Months Old

The big Gibson Man turned two Months on Sunday and he is truly a BIG man!!! After a trip to see our favorite Doctor we have our new stats....

Weight: 13.4 lbs
Height: 24 inches

This month Gibson...

  • Was really sick at the start of the month with lots of spitting up, a slight fever, and runny nose. It broke my heart to hear him cough! 
  • He started the month with his longest stretch being only 4 hours, at night... and ended with sleeping 9 hours in a stretch!!! He is pretty much awesome!!!
  • Had his first smile at 5 weeks and now smiles all this time!!! Such a cute gummy grin! Doctor even said that he is laughing now
  • Looks around at his surroundings
  • Took his first road trip to meet his Great Grandma in Indiana. 
  • He now LOVES bath time... he is so calm and quite at bath time.
  • Is a FAST eater still. 
  • Is most awake around 6 a.m.
  • Started going to Emma's playgroup on Monday's after school
  • Has found his hands a few times and put them in his mouth 
  • Continues to stick out his tongue all the time. 
  • Likes walks outside 
  • Is wearing cloth diapers all the time (except when on road trips...)
  • is starting to ALREADY grow out of he 0-3 months clothes!!!
  • Has been sleeping in his own crib since his 4th week.  
  • Continues to take after his big sister with his tongue out all the time. 

Here was Hunter at 2 months.

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