Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day re-cap

I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day. Gibson had a 7 hour sleep stretch the night before so I started my day off feeling GREAT!!!

Emma made me some yummy waffles for breakfast... complete with a smile! 

and I was spoiled with all kinds of goodies! Emma made me a clay cup for coffee... it has a hole in the bottom though so I will be using it as a pen holder at work.

An aged balsamic 
Lavender bath stuff
 Fancy soaps

 My FAVORITE chocolates. I will do a full post on this on Thursday. They are amazing!!!

I potted these flowers as a part of my mom's gift. 

In the afternoon my mom and I went down to the fish market in D.C. to pick up some yummy jumbo male crabs. It was crazy busy down there!!! We frequently get crabs from Jessie Taylor Seafood so my mom was able to call ahead and reserve good crabs in the morning before everything was picked over. She is even on a first name bases with some of the guys down there and buys them baby gifts...

We brought the crabs home and had a great "picnic" outside on the patio.

 Gibson hung out in the mamaroo

while we ate all fo the yummy food! 

When Hunter was done eating he played in his play house (THANK YOU KNOTTS FAMILY) 

Hunter was a MESS after the picnic but it was worth it because he had such a good time! 

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