Monday, May 19, 2014

This is how I roll...

You might remember back in February when I mentioned that I was suffering from a bit of stroller envy when it came to my double stroller... and I hadn't even used it yet at that point.

Well it is time for a little update... after over a month of use of this guy...

I've thrown in the towel! This thing was a monster!!! My review is...
  • Couldn't maneuver with only one hand... If I had to pick up one of the kids pushing the stroller with my other free hand was impossible.
  • I ran into EVERY door because of how wide this thing was.
  • The harness was SUPER annoying to put on Hunter. It would fall into a clump on the seat and if he was flailing around I couldn't get to the straps without some major fighting.
  • I never really felt like Gibson's seat was in the stroller securely... You just simply placed the car-seat into the stroller seat. There was no way to lock it in. 
  • With Hunter and Gibson sitting next to each other Hunter was always reaching in to touch Gibson. 
  • I like to hang my diaper bag over the handles of the stroller but that was, of course, impossible.  
  • When shopping I could never get in between fixtures. I would have to leave the kids in the aisles to look at the racks.
I had ENOUGH!!! My breaking point came after a morning of being out of the house with the kids... at all of the locations I went to I parked in the parking lot and once I got the kids into the stroller to go into various stores I would come to the realization that I had to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND THE FREAKING PARKING LOT!!! I couldn't find an opening between cars that was wide enough for this big old thing!!!

This was a pain in the BUTT!!!

My next stop that same day was Buy Buy Baby! I walked right up to the guy in the stroller section and announced that I was OVER this stroller and that I needed something else! He was GREAT! I had mentioned that I had previously drolled over the Baby Jogger City Select stroller so that is what he showed me first and instantly I fell in LOVE.

I mean look at all of these possibilities

I also purchased the Car seat adapter and the  Second seat adaptors.

This allowed me to turn the single stroller into a double! Buy Buy Baby did price matching and so my showing the cashier that the stroller was cheaper on Amazon I saved $110.99!! SCORE!!!

My grand total was $497.12... not cheap but so worth it!

I came right home and put this baby together!

It only took about 5 minutes to put everything together. 

Hunter approves ...

Here it is all folded... 

and after a week of use I have to say that it is 100% better. In fact I've even taken it on a run with the boys! So that is how we roll... and it is a much smoother ride with a lot less cussing!

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