Monday, May 5, 2014

Goals for May

So in April I missed out on creating any goals for the month... well because with a new little baby in the bunch my only goal was to survive the month!

But now it is May and I feel like we have settled into somewhat of a routine and I think that I can actually get a few things done this month.

  1. No chinese food or pizza all month! I really need to start eating healthier. 
  2. Join the Pentagon gym and work or at least twice a week. 
  3. Plant a small garden in the backyard. 
  4. Clean up the porch area and finish the sunburst mirror for the patio
  5. Update dining room table... 
  6. Get my business website up and running 
  7. Find a landscaper for our house... Matt has been SUPER busy with his new job and his two classes
Not a ton of items on the list but I'm excited about knocking a few things off my to do list.

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