Thursday, May 1, 2014

My life with three kiddos...

So originally this post was going to be like the one that I did with Hunter that details every item of my day so that you can see what typical day in the Park household looks like... That post HERE

Throughout yesterday I took notes about the times that I did things and photos/videos. Last night I was sitting down to actually write the post and my photo made a noise and alerted me that there was a Google+ Auto Awesome movie that had been made about my day. Once I watched it I immediately switched gears and wanted to just share that today. Both Hunter and Gibson are sick so this perfectly shows my day... A LOT of crying, spit-up, a million diaper changes, taking Emma to school, trying to keep my living room clean and I forgot my diaper bag when I went on my errands. Thank goodness I had my wallet separate.

Total craziness!!!! 

Here is the video about our day... 

Maybe in a few weeks I will do a written out post.

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