Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hunter at 20 Months

This month Hunter:
  • LOVES ring around the rosy. He will even do it by himself... he spins in a circle while I sing the song and falls down at the end laughing!!! 
  • Continues to sleep in his big boy bed. At bedtime I recite "Goodnight Moon" from memory while he lays under the covers we have kisses time... he says kisses over and over while I give him kisses on the neck and he laughs... after a few minutes of kisses he gets tired of the game and simply says "Bye". And repeats "bye" over and over until I leave the room and close the door. 
  • We really enjoy the warmer weather and playing outside. His favorite outdoor activities are running after Emma and Sophie, playing in his little house, and playing ball
  • Is a helpful little man and he now understands enough that typically we can tell him to do something and he DOES IT! Unless of course he decides to completely ignore us! 
  • We got in two more teeth this month and a cold at the same time so Hunter was a miserable little guy for a few weeks! So Sad.
  • We enrolled for Pre-school in the fall! CRAZY
  • Loves to go to his big sister's soccer games! All of the girls go gaga for him! He has a little fan club
  • Continues to be a good big brother... giving Gibson daily hugs and kisses. When Gibson cries in the car Hunter tells him "hushhhhhh" and tries to hold his hand... It is SUPER cute 
  • Favorite word is MINE... He will grab an object, hold it close to his chest, and say "Mine" over and over. (there is a video at the end of this posting)

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