Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorite Things

Here today for another edition of Friday Favorite Things... Here are the FIVE items that caught my eye this week!

  1. I really want to do a facelift to our house and these numbers, made from FREE Home Depot stir sticks, is easy and modern. 

  2. Now that I have three kiddos I find myself taking more and more photos on my smartphone! I already have so much to lug around so the first thing to stay behind is my big cannon camera. Here are some great tips to taking better photos with your phone.  
  3. I love some Kate Bower! (we are obviously ovulation sisters because our second and third are just weeks apart!) This week she shared the cute personalized alphabet family photo album that she made for her oldest son... I love this idea and want to make something like this for Hunter. Might do a mixture of family and other objects to do an alphabet book.

  4.  My parents are currently in the market for a credenza in their dining room... I love this one made out of IKEA cabinets and furniture legs... LOVE!!!!
  5. One of the goals that I have while home for maternity leave is to organize our attic and sell Emma's outgrown clothing. This post will be helpful when it comes to getting everything organized up there.
Hope that you all have a GREAT weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

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