Thursday, July 26, 2012

31 Weeks

Dress: Old Navy

Pregnancy: 31 weeks... I cannot believe that we are down to single digits in our countdown to meeting baby Hunter!

Sleep: On top of tossing and turning at night I am now getting up with a puppy at night! Guess this is my prep for Hunter's arrival.

Name: Hunter Matthew Park

Feeling: Feeling great! I'm working shorter hours at work so that has been a huge help and I no longer feel like I'm going to pass out on my way home from work. I now have a little bit of energy at the end of the day to spend time with family! Still have a LONG list of all the things that I need to get done and in fact I've started packing and prepping for my hospital visit. So much to think about.

I'm hoping that this burst of energy lasts through my 14 hour car ride that I will embark on this weekend with my mom and Emma to bring her  back from summer camp!

Health: I've had an uneventful week. Still hoping to work right up until the point that I go into labor.

Movement: Still feels like he is doing flips in my tummy. He has to be running out of room though and I am interested to see if he will be breach or not. Emma was breach up until about two weeks before delivery. They even tried to flip her at one point but she ended up flipping all on her own.

Belly: As of my last appointment I was measuring about 1 week ahead, very light linea negra, and my belly button is poking out a little. Still no stretch marks!!! yay. Fingers crossed it stays that way for the next 9 weeks.
Next Appointment: I have an appointment next Tuesday at 32 weeks.

Non-Baby Highlights of the Week:
  • Holly's Shower! I will share some photos next Monday
  • Getting Sophie... There was a boarder issue and she didn't get to come home until Tuesday but we are sooo excited to have her. Even though we are on constant dog watch. She cried all night the first night because it was her first time away from her brothers and sisters but last night we made some adjustments and she was a happy doggie!
  • I leave in a few hours to fly to Atlanta because I get to pick Emma up from summer camp tomorrow! Cannot wait to see her and hear all about her adventures and the new friends that she has made.
Here are some photos of Sophie from her first night home!

Friday, July 20, 2012

And Sophia is... Coral

We now know which puppy Matt will be bringing home tomorrow. CORAL!

Here are the reasons why April & JR thought that she would be the perfect puppy for our family:
  • Coral is VERY birdy and she's got lots of drive and desire!
  • They did a little wing-on-a-string with her and she was pointing and pouncing and was just nuts!  So fun to see!
  • She’s bold and brave and confident and very adventurous!
  • She’s pretty snuggly and quite calm inside but outside she loves to explore.
  • She's got a sweet personality and she's beautiful!
  • She really is one of their favorite pups overall, in hunting desire, personality and conformation - she's the full package!
Matt will be flying up to Detroit, Michigan and will meet April & JR at the airport for hand off!  He will bring Sophia home as a carry-on! I cannot wait to see her!!!

We have been busy prepping all week... gate, crate, bed, leash, collar, tag, food.... and the list goes on! As if prepping for the arrival of Hunter was not enough... I'm beginning to think that I'm a crazy person for agreeing to this!

Here are some photos to look back on her growth (these are all photos that we shared in the past... just now we know which is our little girl!)

The chase is on... looks like little boy blue almost got Sophia's tail!


Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Relaxing in the shade

Drink up!

30 Weeks

Dress: Old Navy

Whew... I think these weeks are flying by faster and faster, aren't they!?!  Only 10 weeks left! That means that I am at the 3/4 mark.
So on to the name... As I mentioned in week 27 we have a name and we were so lucky to be able to share it with Matt's family first when we traveled up to Traverse City a few weeks ago. In September we will welcome....................
Yes, Emma's favorite name was the big winner.
Now on to the regular weekly post...
Pregnancy: 30 weeks

Sleep: Starting to get really uncomfortable now.  Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and I find myself waking up because of them. I feel like I toss and turn all night!

Name: Hunter Matthew Park

Feeling: Staying positive... but a bit overwhelmed at what I need to get done before Hunter makes his grand appearance. Guess we are due for a nursery update soon.

Health:  I've had a couple more breathing issues... probably stress induced and at the direction of my doctor I will be cutting down to 8-9 hours at work.
Movement: Feeling him constantly.  The other night he moved NON STOP for over an hour. Matt couldn't believe how active Hunter was!
Belly: Measuring about 1 week ahead right now, very light linea negra, and my belly button is still flat (really thought that it would have poked out by now).

Next Appointment: Now going every two weeks! Next appointment will be at 32 weeks (31 JULY)
Non-Baby Highlight of the Week:
  • Any week that I get to go to a dress fitting with my dear Holly is always a highlight! She is going to make a BEAUTIFUL bride in October!
  • We received all new appliances this week!!!! And yes I mean all... Washer, Dryer, refrigerator, double oven/stove, microwave/oven, Dish washer. I am so excited to have everything in... even though it means that our house has been a crazy mess over the last few days.
  • We found out what puppy we will receive TOMORROW. I will throw together a little post and send it out later today.
  • Getting ready for Holly's bridal shower... also TOMORROW
  • Emma headed off for two weeks at Camp Winshape! I miss her like crazy but I know that she is having a blast down in Georgia at my old summer camp!
WOW a big week for the Park Family!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Puppies! 6 weeks old

So I know that everyone really wants a BABY update not a puppy update... but I am a bit behind on my belly photo for week 29. I hope to take a photo tonight so I can do a posting tomorrow.

So on our way up to Traverse City, last week, we stopped in Canada to see the puppies!

I was surprised to hear that we are the only family that was able to actually meet the puppies in person before they are distributed in 2 weeks. The visit was great! April & JR are a younger couple and they were a blast to get to know. April is also an event planner so I liked her from the start! We were able to see the puppies interact as a group, with larger dogs, in water, and we even had the chance to see them interact with two live quail. It was interesting to see their interest in the birds and pink even pointed!

We are GREATLY looking forward to having our little girl home and finding out which puppy we get! We all have the same favorite (Pink) but we would really be happy with any of them. Emma has also picked the name Sofia.

Until we can get little Sofia in two weeks I will be busy stocking up on supplies... ehhh so much to get between puppy and baby!

Here are a few photos!

This is pink with Emma

This is blue... Emma's second favorite but a boy