Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Puppies! 6 weeks old

So I know that everyone really wants a BABY update not a puppy update... but I am a bit behind on my belly photo for week 29. I hope to take a photo tonight so I can do a posting tomorrow.

So on our way up to Traverse City, last week, we stopped in Canada to see the puppies!

I was surprised to hear that we are the only family that was able to actually meet the puppies in person before they are distributed in 2 weeks. The visit was great! April & JR are a younger couple and they were a blast to get to know. April is also an event planner so I liked her from the start! We were able to see the puppies interact as a group, with larger dogs, in water, and we even had the chance to see them interact with two live quail. It was interesting to see their interest in the birds and pink even pointed!

We are GREATLY looking forward to having our little girl home and finding out which puppy we get! We all have the same favorite (Pink) but we would really be happy with any of them. Emma has also picked the name Sofia.

Until we can get little Sofia in two weeks I will be busy stocking up on supplies... ehhh so much to get between puppy and baby!

Here are a few photos!

This is pink with Emma

This is blue... Emma's second favorite but a boy

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