Friday, June 29, 2012

27 Weeks Preggers

Old Navy Top and skirt... Not Maternity 

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

Weight Gain: 25 pounds

Sleep: Having some CRAZY dreams! I should keep a notebook near my bed because I could make some awesome movies from what I am dreaming about. Everything is just so vivid and real.

Names: We have a name!!!! We have told Emma and look forward to telling the rest of our family next week!
Feeling: Okay... drained by the end of the day but not horrible. I have told work that the 12 hour shift will need to end at the end of July... this pregger girl cannot handle 12 hours in her 8 and 9th month!

Health:  Placenta is looking good and is no longer low and I have not had any additional issues breathing recently

Movement: Still very active. Not too uncomfortable.
Belly: Measuring about 2 weeks ahead right now, still a faint linea negra and my belly button is still flat. I thought that it would have poked out by now!

Next Appointment: OB- July 16th at 30 Weeks!
Non-Baby Highlights of the Week:
  • Matt's brother Al came into town last night!
  • We leave for Michigan on SUNDAY!!! not looking forward to the drive but happy to have a week off from work! Also excited about the chance to see the puppies!
  • Started to train my co-worker so that she can sit in for me when I go on Maternity leave!!

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