Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Park Room Update

Here is what the room looked like the last time I shared... Not too much going on.

Here is what our current status is!

I am in love with the dresser from Nadeau in Alexandria. At $868 it was a splurge but still WAY better than the one on my "design board" from Restoration Hardware. For the same dimensions the Restoration Hardware piece was $1695 AND the one that I bought goes farther to the floor so it has more storage and I think way more personality. Matt and I both agree that this a piece that we plan to have forever and we both feel that it can be utilized in other areas of the home later. For now however we will add a changing pad and use it to store our little man's clothes on one side and toys on the other.

Here it is close up:

Crib assembled w/ fabrics:

We will be adding some finials to each post. I've purchased some from West Elm on sale... I want to see what they look like though before I share.

This is also the wall that the wood will go on and Henry (Formally known as Herold... I decided to change it up...)

Last Saturday morning Matt and I visited Smoot Lumber to find wood for Emma's loft bed and while we were there we picked up two pieces of rough cut cedar... Now I am NOT a fan of the ceder. I think that the smell will mess with our little ones nose! Matt however is convinced that once the wood dries out and we stain it that you will not be able to smell the cedar... So I said let's get two pieces and try it out. So they are currently drying out in our basement and Matt is going to stain them next weekend. Once they are stained we will place them in the nursery and see if they smell... I'm about 99% sure that Matt is not going to win this battle.

My mom and I discussed the fabric Samples two days ago... We decided where we would use various fabrics, took measurements, and placed our order. We have decided to go with the fabrics on my design board. I'll share more about the fabrics when I do a post about my mom sewing the bedding.

So.... that is our progress in the last week. Next week I hope to tackle the cedar, finding a paint for the walls, Ceiling light fixture, and brainstorming on our two closets. Also... I have not given a thought to the on-suite bath off the nursery...

My to do list for this room is:
  • Vacuum Baby Room
  • Clean windows
    • Inside
    • Outside
  • Deep Clean Carpet - Holding until we do wall... figure the wood will get the floor a little dirty
  • New doors on closet
  • Built in bookcase behind door
  • Paint
  • Rustic wood plank wall
  • Crown molding
  • Paint ceiling
  • Reupholster Glider - Decided that this was not needed
  • Make bedding
  • Window treatments
    • Blinds
    • Curtains
To Buy:
  • West Elm Elephant
  • Ceiling light fixture
  • Rug - Using a rug that we already had in Matt's Office
  • Dresser
  • Baskets
  • Artwork
  • Finials for bed
  • Paint
  • Fabric for bedding
Still a lot to do but we are making progress...

P.S - this is where I will be today.. yup my big old pregger belly will be strapped into a blackhawk while on a work trip!

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