Monday, June 11, 2012

Laundry Room

So I did it! I cleaned out our CRAZY messy Laundry/storage room this weekend and started a little remodel.

Matt was out of town for a mancation... and hadn't been too receptive when I had brought up this project a few other times... so of course I decided to tackle on my own while he was gone... Sometimes that is just the only way to get things done!

It started with a massive clean out of the space

Here is the laundry room before... oh the shame... it was so dark and messy. I would just literally throw things in here when I didn't know what to do with them and things had gotten out of control!!

Look at that horrible floor and gross brown peg board along two of the walls! Even my dishes had become disorganized on my bakers racks.

Here are some built in shelves that were completely out of control.. and this is after I had already cleared off most of the stuff... ehhh the shame... I cannot believe that I am sharing this! oh and you cannot tell from these photos but the wall color is this dirty looking off white... not nice and crisp.

Ehhh... and do not even get me started on this. our extra towels on a broken shelf above the washer and dryer (it was broken when we bought the house... why did we never fix it?) The ugly water heaters, Emma's clothes folded but not put away on the dryer, and the pile of laundry on the floor. Oh not to mention a few boxes that we STILL haven't unpacked from our move a year and an half later... hanging my head in shame.

Well after a FULL weekend and a lot of help from my amazing parents this is what Matt will come home to tonight!!!!

Goodbye UGLY floor! Hello pretty painted pegboard. I painted with Benjamin Moore NO VOC paint so baby park is safe! The color in these photos (Taken late last night) comes off as a light blue but the real color is more of a gray/blue.

ORGANIZED bakers racks! With bins that hold baking supplies, random gifts, table cloths, and cloth napkins

Hefty bins purchased from KMart with Martha Stewart chalkboard labels. I still need to write on them but these bins hold our K-Cups, Rags/Microfiber cloths, and light bulbs.

More organized bins and labels. Also, all of my beautiful china from my grandmother is now put in amazing Crate and Barrel containers so that everything stays safe. 

I also purchased this AMAZING wooden divider to hide our hot water heater and other ugly items... It was purchased from Nadeau in Alexandria. This store is easily becoming a favorite! They have such unique pieces and great prices.

In fact, I will be looking at Nadeau for a larger desk to go in this little alcove by the door... for now I just moved a table and chair that we had somewhere else in the house... but this is where I will house my sewing machine. (which rocks by the way! I made some great burp clothes that I will share on a later post)

The room is by no means done (I just couldn't do it all in a weekend)... Here are the few projects left:
· Paint the ceiling... it is still the ugly yellow/white color
· Replace all of the light switches and outlets so that they are pretty and white
· New desk/table for sewing
· Determine what to add back to the other side of shelves and how to make it organized. Thinking baskets...
· Hang cork board and weekly calendar on the wall by my sewing table
· Floor molding in a crisp white
· Paint doors

Oh and get ready for these!!!!

We bought them a few weeks ago and there was NO WAY that these beautiful GE Profile appliances could come home to the old laundry room. I couldn't let them see my shame...

Fingers crossed that Matt is happy!

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