Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Room Thoughts...

I've been having a blast brainstorming ideas for our little man's room! I want the space to be comfy, masculine, Rustic, and or course it needs some elephants!

Here are some photos that I have found inspiration from

Source: unknown

Restoration Hardware  - LOVE the side table

So... After much searching here is my inspiration board. 

The fabrics are still TBD... We are waiting for the samples to come in and once those get here we will make a QUICK final decision, order the fabrics, and start making the bedding... That is one thing about having a round crib all bedding really does need to be custom made (by my amazing mom) because the ones sold in stores are WAY to frilly for our taste. My mom made Emma's bedding and it was amazing!

We are going to cover one wall with wood and we will hang our West Elm Elephant head on that wall.. Our elephant came in the mail earlier this week and I am in love with him... I think that we will name him Harold.

Also, I found the picture of the Restoration Hardware Side table after I feel in love with a unique piece from Nadeau in Alexandria. The piece looks just like the one above exceptt the storage goes the floor and the doors have distressed wood and painted numbers. (like the basket but 1-8) I LOVE the piece so much. I also think that my piece has more personality, is not as dark, and HELLO best thing is that it is half as expensive as the one on my mood board!

I'm still holding on purchasing a rug until we determine fabrics and the baskets pictured above are from Restoration hardware... but this home girl will be stalking Homegoods for something similar.

Lighting also up in the air. I like the light above from Shades of Light but I do not think that it will be bright enough... Plus it is outside of my budget for want I wanted to spend on lighting.

Well I hope that this give you all an idea of what we are looking to accomplish in our little ones room!

Now I have to turn my attention back to the laundry room... Photos on Monday!

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