Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's a GIRL!!!

Who gets a puppy in their third trimester?????  WE DO!

Matt has always wanted a Weimaraner puppy and so when he started talking about it over a year ago I said, "fine... just as long as we get the dog before I'm pregnant." Well once we started trying that turned into, "as long as we get the dog in  my first trimester." After I got pregnant... I told Matt that if we were going to get a puppy that it would need to be BEFORE the third trimester or a year after the baby was born... At 20 weeks I was sure that I was in the clear. Matt hadn't even STARTED to research a dog so I figured that we would just be waiting . There was no way that Matt would get motivated in time and even if he did I figured that he would not be able to find a good hunting line with puppies available for pick up in my second trimester...

Well... Matt did end up getting motivated. In fact he found two possible litters. One in Maryland that came from more of a "show" line and one in Canada from a hunting line. We went two weekends ago and looked at the ones in Maryland and decided that while the puppies were SUPER cute and we would get them before the start of my third trimester that we would hold off and go with the puppies from Canada.

So yes... that means that at 31 weeks we will welcome a little girl into our house!

We have put in our deposit for a puppy from NorthLink Weimaraners . The cute puppies were born on May 24th and there were 2 males and 6 females in the litter. We went with NorthLink because they come from a hunting line (which is what Matt wanted), they were HIGHLY recommended, and I really like that they match families with dogs based on your wants and the development that they observe from the puppies to make sure that we will truly get the best pup for our growing family. Thank means that we

Here are the puppies at 1 day old!

Here are the little puppies at 18 Days old.

On our way to Traverse City in a few weeks we will be making a detour up to Canada to meet the puppies! Emma cannot wait. She is already thinking about girl names.

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