Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Starting Point for the Nursery

So now that the laundry room is complete I am 100% focused on the nursery.

Late last week I shared with you some photos that I found inspiring and I shared our "mood Board"

I also wanted to show what the room currently looks like. Currently this is a room that I am just throwing in any baby related items with no rhyme or reason... but  all of that is about to change!

View from the door.

View from bathroom door

These closet doors will be coming down ASAP! They do not work at all!

View from back corner looking towards bathroom and the door to the room

So we have two closets in this room.. one for hanging and this one that is all shelving. I would like to remove these doors (Place them on the other closet) and make these shelves into a built-in bookcase.

Things are already changing in the nusery... here are two of my favorite guys putting together the crib! YAY!

Baby boy park will be using the same round crib that we used for Emma. However, he will NOT have girly fabric coming down from the sides... I figured adding finials to the tops of the post would be a much more masculine approach. :)

My to do list for this room is:

-          Vacuum Baby Room
-          Clean windows
o   Inside
o   Outside
-          Deep Clean Carpet
-          New doors on closet
-          Built in bookcase behind door
-          Paint
-          Rustic wood plank wall
-          Crown molding
-          Paint ceiling
-          Reupholster Glider
-          Window treatments
o   Blinds
o   Curtains
To Buy
-          West Elm Elephant
-          Ceiling light fixture
-          Rug
-          Dresser
-      Baskets
-          Artwork

A lot to do but I'm excited and cannot wait to bring out little man home to his room... Even though he will sleep in our room for the first couple of months in a cradle.

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