Friday, July 20, 2012

And Sophia is... Coral

We now know which puppy Matt will be bringing home tomorrow. CORAL!

Here are the reasons why April & JR thought that she would be the perfect puppy for our family:
  • Coral is VERY birdy and she's got lots of drive and desire!
  • They did a little wing-on-a-string with her and she was pointing and pouncing and was just nuts!  So fun to see!
  • She’s bold and brave and confident and very adventurous!
  • She’s pretty snuggly and quite calm inside but outside she loves to explore.
  • She's got a sweet personality and she's beautiful!
  • She really is one of their favorite pups overall, in hunting desire, personality and conformation - she's the full package!
Matt will be flying up to Detroit, Michigan and will meet April & JR at the airport for hand off!  He will bring Sophia home as a carry-on! I cannot wait to see her!!!

We have been busy prepping all week... gate, crate, bed, leash, collar, tag, food.... and the list goes on! As if prepping for the arrival of Hunter was not enough... I'm beginning to think that I'm a crazy person for agreeing to this!

Here are some photos to look back on her growth (these are all photos that we shared in the past... just now we know which is our little girl!)

The chase is on... looks like little boy blue almost got Sophia's tail!


Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Relaxing in the shade

Drink up!

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  1. Precious! She's a beauty! She's coming to a good home I'm sure! Make Matt clean up her accidents though! Somehow I'm sure he talked you into this!!
    LOL.. Hugs...Liz