Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nursery Diaries: Chapter 5 - FABRICS

It has been a hot second since my last Nursery Diaries post in fact the last one was before Gibson's arrival.

To catch up on the nursery progress here are the first few postings:

Chapter 1 - The Paint & The Plan
Chapter 2 - Adding the Rock
Chapter 3 - The Lighting
Chapter 4 - The Details

Now to talk fabrics... 

Changing Pad covers... I was originally going to try to make the covers for Gibson's changing pad but reality set in and I realized it was not worth the time... I'm not good with elastic. So I hit up amazon and fount two great covers

Via - $13.49

Via - $15.95

 I really like both of them and so does Gibson!!!

I also ordered gray jersey sheets from Amazon...

Via - $22.99 each
Round crib sheets are not something that you can just run out to Target or Buy Buy Baby for. I've been able to find them through Amazon, EBay, & etsy.

The curtains were purchased at Ikea on clearance (as they were being discontinued) for only $17.99 for two panels. I purchased two packages (4 panels) and hemmed the bottom to fit the needs of our windows.  They are the Lappljung Rand curtains

Now that they are sold out at IKEA you can find them on ebay but for around $50 for a package...

I think that the white, gray, & black in the curtains look great with our gray wall!!!

For the spot in the room that I utilize most frequently... the glider! 

The glider was a gift from a family friend when I was preggers with Emma and it has gotten a lot of use with all three of my kiddos. While the olive color doesn't really fit in with the grays and yellows in Gibson's room I think that it works with the wooden crib. 

To make the glider fit into the room more though I added the Gurli blanket from IKEA and two pillows...
The back square one was on clearance from Target for only $6.99 and the yellow zipper is the perfect pop for the room. The Valborg lumbar pillow in white and varying shades of grey was found at IKEA (only available on ebay now). 

 Here are all the fabrics that are currently incorporated in the room...
(We are still messing around with room layout... so it might not look exactly like this for much longer) and I need to remove the bunting from the top of the crib!

ANYWAY, there is a HUGE element still missing in the fabric department... THE BEDDING!

I've purchased the below fabrics to make the bedding (again it is hard to find good pre-made round crib bedding)

I'll be back with Chapter 6, in a few weeks, when I attempt to make the bedding for the crib (my mom has always made it in the past). Wish me luck!!!

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