Monday, June 2, 2014

Off to Grandma's house I go

I have the most amazingly independent grandmother. At the age of 93 she lives alone at her home of over 50 years in Evansville, Indiana. She drives herself, does her own grocery shopping, gardens, knits, and goes to her "job" a few times a week... aka goes to the casino boat and plays slots.

About a month ago Grandma had a blood vessel rupture in her only good eye. This has left her blind except for limited Peripheral vision. The hope is that within 90 days the blood will dry up and that her eyesight will return but there is no guarantee and a real possibility that her eyesight might never return.

When I heard this news I instantly knew that I needed to get over to Indiana and fast. It was so extremely important to me that she meet Gibson while she can still see just a little and while I knew that she wouldn't fully be able to see him and that she could mainly just see shadows and shapes I figured that is better than nothing.

So... when my parents mentioned that they also wanted to visit I went along and took both Hunter and Gibson with me. While it was hard to be away from Matt for 5 days and EXTREMELY hard to have these two kiddos alone in a hotel room...

The craziness of the night was all made worth it each day when I would head over to Grandma's! Seeing her interact with both of the kids was priceless and having Gibson meet his Great-Grandma meant the world to me..

What a special photo to have! Grandma was even the first family member that I told, last summer, that we were going to be expecting our third child! Here we are the day I told her...

When she found out the news she was so surprised and excited for Matt and me. She knew that it would be a lot of work though... after all she raised three boys of her own while teaching. 

But I know that I am able to handle any and all of the obstacles that may come my way in a large part because of the example that she has provided me. She has always been such a rock in all aspects in her life... as a professional,  a wife, mother, grandma, and GREAT-Grandmother. She is just an amazing and strong-willed woman and I know that no matter what the outcome with her eye that she will remain positive. She will just need to turn to those around her for support, which is hard for such an independent person!

Prayers are appreciated for a speedy recovery!

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