Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Working Girl

Back to reality! I started back at work full-time yesterday and I am currently just trying to keep my head above water! AND Gibson rolled over yesterday so I'm already missing firsts... so sad!

Our director isn’t playing around either! She threw me back into the deep end fast! I’m prepping all of the logistics for a last minute event in Hawaii for early NEXT week! I’m sadly not able to go and execute as it would mean 6 days away from the kids and I just cannot handle that my first week back. We also have a half day today of hosting an Italian Counterparts spouse. AND on Wednesday and Thursday we will have all of the senior DoD Spouses in for two days of meetings/events! CRAZY!!! 

Thank goodness all of the kids are good sleepers!

Please hang with me while I’m trying to get use to my new routine! My plan is to still try to blog this week but things might be a bit more abbreviated!

Wednesday: Gibson is 3 Months!
Thursday: Thrifted Thursday
Friday: Favorite Things Friday

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