Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monthly Goals: June

Loose 5 Lbs-  I'm down 25 currently and want to take off another 5 this month. More importantly though I want to tone.I

Run 2 miles without walking... I'm NOT a runner AT ALL. But I have a longer term goal to run the Army 10 miler so I have to start somewhere!

FINISH the freaking playroom... I've been SLOWLY working on this room since last August.

Sew Gibson's Bedding... I have all of the fabrics but I need to take some time one weekend to complete this task.

Return to work... Life as a stay-at-home mom is coming to an end sadly as I am starting to transition back to work. My fist full day back will be June 23rd.

Visit family in Savannah... I will once again be traveling with my parents and without Matt but it will be worth it to see my family in Savannah and to have them meet Gibson. Stinks that Matt has no leave built up and cannot go on any of these trips with us!

Get my car Inspected... Soooo my inspection ran out September of last year... Opps1 Since that time I've received 3 tickets in DC for it being expired. Would have been cheaper to just get it freaking inspected.

Take the Virginia Real Estate Broker exam... I completed my real estate class and am studying for the Virginia exam. I hope to take the test by the end of the month.

Learn to post items on eBay... We have a ton of clothes from Emma in the attic and I've decided to go ahead and sell a majority of them on ebay. Even if we were to have another girl one day they would be at LEAST 11 years apart so It's just time to let some of those items go.

Wish me luck!

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