Monday, June 9, 2014

Emma's Room

I realized that I've never shown Emma's room fully! It is still a major work in progress... Matt started building her a loft bed two years ago and.... yeah from the photos below you will see that it is not yet completed! I guess the best things are worth waiting for... I've been tempted to just go to IKEA and buy a loft bed but I think that it would cause a HUGE marital fight.

Well here is the room:

When you enter you are imediatly reminded of who occupies the space! EMMA. These are craft letters from Jo Anne Fabrics that I spray painted white. 

This is Emma's desk area...

I made this bulletin board for her special items.  Like all of hr 5K bibs, a letter from my former boss, and proof that she beat me once at the game Pay day!

Above the desk are more special items that are showcased on shelves that I painted white. 

And there is the bright yellow chair that I had found at at thrift store for only $5.00 and refinished. I also bought that desk for only $9.99 and refinished... I'll share that project tomorrow.

Here is Emma's current bed... NOT a loft bed... On the map above the bed Emma puts a little flag on the country if I'm on travel.

The duvet was actually a sheet that I found on a work trip to India and I had them sew additional fabric to make teh sheet into a duvet. 

I LOVE the elephants in purple, blue, and pink! The colors go with her room perfectly. 

For the space by her closet... There is a reading nook at the base of her bed with a beanbag chair... and the closet doors are painted with chalkboard paint. I just need to put something cool on them.

Ever since Emma was three she would say that she wanted a deer head in her room... this is our compromise... 

For he dresser... I painted each of the drawers a different color to create the ombre effect. 

What was originally a plain all white dresser from Target now has some personality! 

The top holds more treasures... like this jingle truck and a coke from Afghanistan and a turtle from Hawaii. 

There is also some artwork that Emma did showcased above the dresser! 

So that is the room as it currently stands.

Still on the to-do list for this room:
  • Rug
  • window treatments 
  • LOFT BED w/ sofa seating area under
  • crown molding
  • Fun design on the chalkboard closet doors
  • New light

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