Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sewing Station!

I'm so excited to be sharing my new SEWING STATION!

Sewing is a new "hobby" for me and up until now I've pulled all of my equipment/materials from random corners of the house (Nothing was organized) and I would set up my machine on the dining room table.

No longer!!! 

Now I have a  nice large wooden table under the window in our spare bedroom! 

I love these glass jars (that I picked up last week from Salvation Army. The small jar holds little chocolates and the larger one holds all of my thread! I love seeing all of the pretty colors! 

I also love this little shadow box that I popped some photos in from our fall shoot. They are just attached with little push pins for easy updates.

I made a cover for my sewing machine which tucks perfectly under the table... Will share more about this little project tomorrow.

Next to the table we have a basket that holds big fabric remnants

Smaller pieces of fabric are housed in two of the canvas bins in my bookcase... Side note: I still LOVE my pop of color behind the bookcase!!! 

So that is my new little sewing home!!! I am so excited that I will no longer need to dig around in multiple rooms to find what I am looking for. I'm also happy that I will no longer need to sew at my dining room table. YAY!!!!

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