Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unexpected seating changes!

Yesterday I walked into Salvation Army with Emma and Hunter and I instantly fell in love with 5 beautiful wood and Iron Bar stools!

A day later and I STILL couldn't get these bar stools out of my mind! I started looking on-line and I found this stool on ebay which look look exactly like my thrift store chair!!!  
But WTF.... $125 for ONE???? My thrift store chairs were $25.00 each...

I also found similar ones here and here

AHHH I couldn't get them out of my mind... I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!!!!! 

I was so worried that these beauties would be gone that I scooped them up while I was on a work errand in the same area! I didn't even want to risk that they might be gone before I got off from work!

Here I am fingers crossed that they were still available... 

And they were there... 

Bonus: Wednesday is Customer Appreciation day at our Salvation Army and all items are 25% off! This means that I purchased all FIVE chairs for only $98.39 that is under $20 each!!! SCORE

I cannot wait to get them home and put them at the bar! As a reminder... this is what we are currently working with:

Two different stools! The horror! Two are from IKEA and the others are great and solid (came with the house) but it has bothered me for over two years that they do not match! I'm going to try to sell them on CraigsList... If anyone is interested just let me know!

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