Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clean porch!

Yesterday I shared our extremely DIRTY porch with you here...

I am happy to say that with some elbow grease over the weekend we have a spotless porch!

Step one was to clear everything out!

We used the shop vac to get all of the grime out..

After the grime was gone we were just left with a VERY dirty floor...

So we whipped out the soap, hose, heavy bristled sweeper, and the suction attachment for the shop vac. 

Here is the space with a few items back inside...

Look at that nice clean floor!

The Keg will go into the basement next weekend (I have to clear out a spot for it...) and I cannot wait to get started on all of the other little projects that I have for this room!!!

Here is my first little project...

See this old IKEA butcher block... It previously had a plastic table cloth on it so we were not wise on what was going down underneath... YES MOLD!!! EWWWW

After A LOT of sanding... Had to take off a ton to really remove the mold. (used a 80 grit paper first and 120 after all the mold was gone to smooth things out)

After sanding we reconditioned the butcher block with mineral oil!Now it is as good as new!! 

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