Monday, May 20, 2013

Project Screened in Porch...

A few weeks ago I shared my DREAM mood board for my screened in porch for if I had an unlimited gift card to World Market... 

Now for the sad reveal of what we are working with... Please keep in mind that the spring does a number on this space! Between pollen and muddy puppy feet the room is a disaster! It had also turned into my project room when I refinished the dresser for our spare bedroom so there was sawdust EVERYWHERE!


Muddy muddy puppy paws!!!

Matt's beloved keggerator... with heaters piled next to it... We have not used this thing in over a year... Needs to be cleaned out and moved down to the basement.

Random bar ware. Tons of beer glasses and pitchers that need a home... They had been stacked out here for a party and pretty much forgotten about.

This is what we are dealing with in terms of lighting... ONE SMALL pod light! and a ceiling fan that has seen better days!

The blades are so warped that I do not thing that this thing does any good!

First things first this girl needs to CLEAN!!! Which I did over the weekend... Back tomorrow to share my nice clean slate!

Back later today with some screened-in inspiration and an updated mood board with some DIY projects!

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