Friday, April 19, 2013

Back on Travel

I know that I have been a slacker this week in the blog world! I have tons of posts that are almost ready but I have not had the time to bring everything together... because there is that reality that I HAVE A JOB!

This week was my first week back on travel with my boss and for my first trip we headed out to California. It was bitter/sweet as I love to travel but was sad to leave Hunter overnight for the first time. It was a relatively short trip (3 days & 2 nights). Hunter of course was fine without me and probably didn't even know that I was gone and Matt says that he really enjoyed his time alone with the little man! I of course cried multiple times!

I'm happy to say that I was able to pump while on travel and only went into the negative 5 oz which is VERY good. Meaning what I produced while I was away was only 5 oz under what was consumed by Hunter man so my freezer milk supply remains fairly well stocked.

It was occasionally hard to find the time to pump and I did end up pumping in some odd locations... for example a kitchen at Stanford University and in the back of the G-5 bathroom multiple times...

I have much more travel to come in the next month... to include a longer international trip so my breastfeeding/pumping adventures are sure to continue.

I just feel blessed that I was able to hold off on travel until Hunter was 7 months old!

There will be another post later today but just wanted to take a moment to explain my absence.

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