Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spare Bedroom: Curtains

So this is what the spare bedroom looked like yesterday. A big improvement from where we started but now it is time to layer some decor and finishing touches on this area of the room.


Task one was to get Matt to hang the curtain Rod. I had purchased an extra long rod from HOMEGOODS for only $29.99. Curtain rods are a fairly new product at homegoods as I have only started seeing them at the stores in the last year... but I love the addition even though the actual curtains that they carry are a bit lacking. Rods comparable to the one that I purchased typically retail for $60-75 so I feel like I got a great deal!

 So I asked my super cute hubby for some help... well in reality he wanted to go out with his friends last night and I said "fine if...." I'm not against bribing to get things done around the house!

Matt screwed two holes into the drywall for each of the curtain rod brackets.

Next he used some dry wall anchors that we already had on hand... the rods came with some but he prefers to use his own which were a bit longer and he knew that they would hold the rod securely!

Place them into the hole

and hammer in

next look at your cute helper!

Crew in the brackets

Repeat for the other two brackets.

Get your Rod

and there you have it...

Now to figure out the curtain situation... I'm going to nee your help with the one.

OPTION ONE: Dark Brown Linen Curtain panels from Target that I have gad FOREVER and never used.

OPTION TWO: This is actually a table cloth that I purchased from TJMaxx for only $12.99! I bought two thinking that they would make great curtain panels in this room. I like that they have the green, blues and yellow.

Here is the fabric up close! I love that I was able to use a table cloth. Plus curtain panels can be pricey and this is a much more economical option. Shower curtains are also a great alternative.
 In case you are interested here are the details on the table cloth...

OPTION THREE: Combine the two panels... I would sew the two together and think that it could possibly give a layered look to the room.

Which do you think I should do???? All advice welcome!

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