Friday, April 12, 2013

Hunter 28 & 29 Weeks

So I've been slacking on my Hunter updates!

Hunter turned 29 weeks LAST Wednesday... so over a week ago but I'm just getting to uploading the photos.

At week 29 Hunter:

- Had his first Easter.  No egg decorating for Hunter man or even an Easter Egg hunt as he was too young... but the Easter Bunny did visit and he received some great loot in his basket! Virginia Leslie of House of Maps also took these adorable photos of Hunter!

- Hunter Loves his Solid Foods. He is doing a great job with eating what we eat. He cannot really get the food into his own mouth but he really tries. Usually he will end up with the food in his fist and thumb in his mouth. We typically just feed him with our hands and he is doing a really great job with mashing things with his gums... Still no teeth. 

- Finally started sleeping through the night again! We went for almost a month without sleeping through the night. I think it was a combination of new foods being introduced and a 6 month growth spurt. 

- Reaches for us to be picked up. When Hunter is sitting he will now reach up in our direction when we approach... that is IF he wants to be picked up. 

- Thumb sucking. Hunter continues to suck on his thumb when he gets sleepy. That is an immediate indication that he would like to sleep. The thumb will go in his mouth and he will start rubbing his eyes. He does not really suck his thumb any other time. 

He is just a growing little man and it is just a joy each day to see him grow and interact with those around him. He continues to be enamored with Emma and lights up the second she walks into a room. 

Some additional 29 Week photos: 

Here are some photos from 28 Weeks... I was a slacker and didn't get a Chalkboard photo. 

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