Friday, April 12, 2013

Spare Bedroom: Bedding update & some new decor items!

Project Spare bedroom continues as we get ready for the arrival of Matt's mom next Wednesday.

One project that was tackled this week was our bedding situation... this brown quilted comforter was just no longer working for me. I purchased this comforter, from Kmart, about 4 years ago for the spare room in our old house. It has served its purpose up until this point and I'm sure that it will find a good home with someone at Salvation Army.

But the comforter was not our real issue... the bed skirt was! We have had a Queen bed skirt on this Double bed and it just didn't fit right. I've always tried to just tuck it in but minutes later it would be back out and looking like a hot mess!

 Again I say HOT MESS

So... in an effort to use what we already have I got out my trusty staple gun and went to town tucking and folding the fabric to fit around the box springs.

Look and fit great now!

I also decided to add on the matching duvet cover! Another item that we already owned and it fits perfectly with our color scheme. Believe that Matt purchased all of the bedding from Overstock before we even started dating.

Here is our newly made bed.

Oh what is that you see beside the bed... a mirrored nightstand from Target that I purchased two years ago. Not our forever bedside table but it works for now. They do not have this exact table any more but this Threshold one from target looks VERY similar.... I swear that mine was only around $50 and the new one is $89.99...

Here is the view from the door as your enter the room.
 I would say that is a big improvement!

Oh and what is that in the far corner???

Remember the basket from my mood board???

Well that large basket from Serena and Lily was $148... ahhhh no thank you Mr. high price tag!!!

But I found this great handmade basket with recycled plastic coils at HOMEGOODS!

I love the lid!

but more so I LOVED the price... Yes only $29.99 SCORE
I've got a lot more to do in the room but I have a sense of accomplishment and feel like we are getting somewhere! 

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  1. Excellent buy on the basket! I have had the same issues with bedskirts. They rarely fit right. I used long pins and buried the tips into the top of the box spring. Ive even made a folded pleat in the center to draw it up too. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has struggled with these issues!! Looks like your room is ready for company!