Friday, April 19, 2013

And the Panel winner is...

The last time I posted about the Spare bedroom it was to get some advice on which window panels to use... as a reminder these were our options:

Dark Brown linen panel from target

Table Cloth from TJMaxx

Or a combination of the two...

and since NOT A SINGLE PERSON offered any advice I was left to make this decision on my own!

and the winner is....

It had to be the table cloth! When I got both table cloths up it was EXACTLY the look I had been going for! I love that the print incorporates each of the colors that I wanted in the room. The lighter brown, light green, blue, cream and golden colors just  pulls everything together so nicely.

Those striped sheets are really bugging me. I think I need to go do something about it this afternoon!

You can even spy another project in the above photo! I'll just leave that as a little teaser!

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