Thursday, March 7, 2013

Packing the Diaper Bag for the Plane

I am a stressed out mommy! After working all day through our Govt "Snow Day" I came home to a little girl that was telling some lies (and sticking to them), and a HUGE to do list for our upcoming trip to Colorado! Let's just say that mommy was so stress that when Hunter went down for his afternoon nap I was taking a bath and drinking a glass of wine at 4:15!

After the dust settled in our house It was time to start packing... My priority was getting Hunter all set for his first plane ride!!! Most important bag that we are taking on the trip is this sucker...

This is our unisex diaper bag that we use for Hunter. It is a SKIP HOP Deluxe Messenger bag and it was purchased from BuyBuyBaby. We wanted a bag that would be easy to carry, could attach to our stroller easily and that Matt would feel comfortable carrying.

We have it in the lime green color!

Now to pack this sucker...

We are going to be in CO for a WEEK and I've read tons of blog postings about travel and cloth diapers and after much consideration we have decided that we will use disposables while we are out of town.

I'm not even sure about which disposable diapers are best and we already had this pack of Pampers that someone had given us... so that is what we are going with. At least for the flight....

You see we didn't want to take up valuable luggage space with diapers so we are going to purchase them in CO. In the diaper bag I have 10... and if we go through 10 in one flight we have a HUGE problem... but I figured better to have too many!

For our diapering needs we are going with our usual Seventh Generation amazing products. We love their wipes and diaper cream and use them on a daily basis. In fact while in CO I plan to buy some Seventh Generation diapers. 

I also packed two large Ziploc bags to hold soiled items...

Changing mat is also a necessity. 

As are some extra clothes... in case we have an accident. Three changes of cloths is also probably a little unnecessary but what can I say... it all fit in the bag and I would rather be prepared!

I love these GAP footies

Plus they fold up small... 

A burp cloth is also a necessity for any spitting up or drooling... This is a burp cloth that I made!

And while I will be breastfeeding Hunter on the flight during take off and landing I figured that we should also have some snacks... 

He loves these yummys... Green puff, fruit smoothie, and yogurt bites.

To maximize diaper bag space a few of the green puffs were placed in a plastic bag and all were placed in a larger Ziploc bag... 

Next I added everything to the bag...

I love that this bag holds so much!!! 

Another essential... some Motrin for Mommy and Daddy (just in case) went in an outer pocket. 

Also Little man will need a hat! We got this great Obermyer hat at our local ski store.

So those are all of our necessities... now for the fun stuff to keep him occupied! These are a few of our favorite toys that will be making the trip with us... Of course he had to have a little Fisher Price plane! 

And for on flight I bought this FlyeBaby seat... Full review to come when I try it out... 

Wish us luck!!! Traveling with three bags, Skis, boot bags, Baby pack and play and more!!!


  1. When I babysit my friend's son, Dominic, he always wants to read "The Blue Truck" book. A couple months ago he was at a cute stage where he couldn't quite say "dump truck", but instead had an f come out where the tr part should've been... Needless to say, we've mastered the Blue Truck book, but it still gets read several times before bed. :) Good luck on your trip! It looks like you've packed basically everything!

    1. YES!!! Little Blue Truck is the best book! It was the very first book that Hunter would stop and pay attention to! We love it and read it daily!